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А4 (21 х 24,7 cm)
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Color, Text, Objects in template
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Microsoft Word, PDF, EPUB, TXT, ODT

Use the lesson plan based on the template in the form of the Google Docs to achieve the desired business purposes. You can do this in a few clicks by enjoying the nuances of the working process that can turn into a source of experience and inspiration. Get creative with your teaching!

The free lesson plan template can become your permanent assistant for organizing both distance and face-to-face training. That is a multi-purpose template. Thanks to its simple and minimalist design, this basic layout can be adapted to any academic subject, a class for different age groups of students.

All details in the template are customizable: use placeholder blocks to describe tasks/exercises that need to be completed within a certain period. You can:

  • change the structure
  • add a unique details
  • insert any images

You can use the editable files placed on the Google Docs for the creation of the Lesson Plan by using the advantages of the templates to get ready for the process. You are ready to teach any lesson if you use the templates and all of their nuances. You can also create lesson notes together with colleagues. Click the “Access Settings” button, select the desired collaboration format and invite other teachers to join to get ready the education material. Any lesson requires a long period of the preparation to achieve the desired result. This process needs time and effort. The use of the already prepared templates can optimize the working process by allowing you to take only productive decisions. It is your chance to become more experienced specialists who can share the knowledge with the students.

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To not forget anything and discuss all important points with students during the lesson, use the Teacher lesson plan template on Google Docs. It allows you to specify the main objectives of the lesson, materials for further study of the topic, main theses, and sources of information that you used to prepare for the lessons.