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Free Checklist Google Docs Templates

It seems like in your daily routine, and you do not have time for anything, waste energy on unnecessary things, forget about important things?
Arrange things by means of a free checklist template in Google Docs. This will allow you to plan your time more effectively and will be an excellent motivation. Clearly, seeing how many tasks you have already completed will make handling the rest easier.
You can choose a ready-made layout for tasks per day, week, month. There are also thematic Google Docs checklist templates for training, cleaning, etc.

The template in black and orange colors is created foremost for planning sports training. However, you can use it for other tasks. The left part of the layout consists of a column listing exercises or tasks. On the right there are two blocks for notes that can be edited.

The advanced structure of this template allows you to plan your day as efficiently as possible. After circling the week day, list all your tasks on the left and tick off their completion in the checkbox. In the text blocks on the right, if required, you can specify priorities, mark additional tasks and write notes. The multipurposeness of the template allows you to print it immediately after adding it to Google Drive.

This broad-based template is suitable for creating any checklist. The name is indicated at the top, and below the sheet is divided into two columns, which list specific cases. Each line has a small checkbox. In the editing process, you can replace the green color range, and then fill out the template online or print it for added convenience.

The layout with a bright blue background consists of eight columns. Tasks are written in the wide one, and the seven narrow ones are intended for daily notes on their completion. For greater convenience, you can print the template and fill it in by hand.

Then it is significant for you to prepare many necessary things in advance: from diapers to medicines. In order not to forget anything, use the Baby Registry Checklist Template in Google Docs. This beautiful hand-drawn design layout is divided into categories, each listing a things record.

A bright editable template with pictures will be helpful when moving or cleaning an apartment. Mark things that have already been packed or cleaned so you don’t forget anything. For convenience, the sheet is divided into different categories with their own images and text colors. You can easily edit the names in the list online, changing the items you don’t need.

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