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Free Brochure Templates for Google Slides – for Any Personal and Business Tasks

Do you want to arouse the audience’s interest in tourist travel or sports competitions? Or maybe you need to talk about the upcoming business event or scientific conference? Then you need a high-quality brochure. We’re ready to help you with this! Download Google Slides brochure template, edit and use whenever you want.

Types of Brochure Templates – Bring Your Ideas to Life

Our platform features an extensive collection of sample brochures ready for customization and printing. These layouts are multipurpose, so you can adapt them for any task. For example, you can use a 3-panel brochure template Google Slides for advertising your product or service; colorful trifold brochure for inviting applicants to the Open Day at the university.

Also, you can use brochure templates as you want, for example, to promote your professional services, to participate in creative contests, to present cases, and for any other purposes. The layouts are well structured. If you want to create a brochure from scratch take a look at the blank Google Slides template.

In addition, we’ve combined templates into thematic categories. Some of them:

  • Travel: these brochure templates are well-structured, have an eye-catching design, so you can draw the audience’s attention to interesting tourist places and attractions.
  • Sports: with these Google Slide templates, you can create invitation brochures to any sporting event in minutes.

When you download templates for Google Slides, you get a set of themed, professionally prepared brochures that you can email or print. Our site has a preview option: before saving the layout to your Google Drive, you can evaluate the design of the brochures and choose the slide package that suits your needs. Also, we’re constantly updating our collection of templates: you can find here a wedding brochure, medical brochure, meeting brochure, and more.

Travel Brochure Templates

Why not present a new tourist destination creatively? Google Slides travel brochure template has everything you need to grab your audience’s attention: colorful illustrations, diagrams, maps, icons, and many other graphic elements. With their help, you can tell about the sights, the benefits of the trip and much more. Alternatively, you can email your template to clients to show your customers the travel schedule.

Sports Brochure Templates

How to draw attention to a sporting event? We’ve got a cool idea! Use the Google Slides templates to spread the word about your sporting event. The bright and interesting design of this category of brochures can be left as is or changed with your images, fonts, and colors. You can also use the free brochure Google Slides templates to present a gym, sports complex for children or adults.

The Benefits of Using Google Slides Brochure Templates

Brochure Templates for Google Slides are a must-have tool for those who value their time, love cool visuals, and want to impress clients, investors, or educators with their portfolio. Regardless of who you are – the owner of a travel company, teacher, or student – you can easily cope with editing the template.

Layouts for Google Slides are widely used. You can combine them, create thematic libraries and use them in professional activities. It’s a great tool for school, university, office, and more. By using the Meet the Teacher template and brochure Google Slides template, you can prepare well for your first meeting with parents and students.

With brochure templates for Google Slides, there are many benefits. Here, is some of them:

  1. Layouts are available online and offline. You can open, update or send the brochure to clients anytime you want. Even if you don’t have an Internet connection, you can work with Google Slide templates offline.
  2. The brochure templates are pre-formatted. You don’t need to worry about the parameters of images, infographics, text boxes, and other graphic objects. After editing Google Slides templates, you can share them with him on social networks, on thematic platforms, or in print.
  3. Layouts are ready-made.Now, you don’t have to create a presentation from scratch and waste your efforts to find the perfect background, theme, and title size. No more stress! We made sure that we got a pre-made tool for creating excellent thematic brochures.

Using our best brochure Google Docs templates, you can always design your invitation to any event in an original way. Don’t forget to tell friends about our platform in thematic communities and websites.