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Calendar Templates

The pregnancy calendar template for Google Slides represents a great idea to record changes in the woman’s body during pregnancy.

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Where to find the best yearly calendar template for Google Slides?

How do I print the calendar Google Slides template?

Editable and Printable Calendar Templates for Google Slides for Free Download

How to keep everything under control and not forget about important dates? With Google Slides calendar template, you can organize your daily tasks, work-related tasks, jot down ideas, reminders, to-do lists, and more. No more stress, notebooks, and sticky notes. Download the template, customize it, save it to your laptop, or print.

Types of Calendar Templates

There are never too many important dates in life! That is why we have created a wide-range catalog of Google Slides templates for any event: a holiday calendar, family calendar, a business calendar, a school calendar, a financial calendar, and many others you can find here. We constantly update our collection and design the perfect solution for your needs. Forget boring calendars! In our collection, you will find stunning layouts for special dates and daily tasks.

Our layouts combine super attractive design and functionality. Whether you’re looking for a full-size calendar that lets you fill out multiple events every day, or you’re just looking for a mini-calendar that displays an entire year on one sheet, you’ll find the template you need! For your convenience, we have prepared vertical and landscape versions of calendars.

The most popular types of calendar templates for Google Slides are here! You can check them out, download, and use them whenever you want.

  • Monthly: using these templates, you will definitely not forget the upcoming holidays, a friend’s birthday, a project deadline or a family meeting.
  • Daily: with these templates, you can structure daily tasks, assignments, and more. You can use it as a to-do list or online planner.

Each slide package consists of a set of calendars that you can adapt to your corporate identities, such as adding a company logo, corporate colors, and more. Are you looking to create a calendar from scratch? Then pay attention to the blank calendar template for Google Slides – this layout has a table with free-to-fill events, meetings, and more.

Monthly Calendar Templates

With this calendar template, you will not forget the upcoming holidays, a friend’s birthday, a project deadline, or a family meeting! You can even customize it to your liking by adding images, videos, and stickers. The editable monthly calendar template for Google Slides is a one-stop solution to keep you in control. Do you need a calendar for September, December or March? Using just one template, you can create a 12-month basic calendar. Get creative!

Daily Calendar Templates

If you want to be as productive as possible and complete all work tasks, then you definitely need a daily calendar template. You can use it as a to-do list or online planner. The main highlight of the daily calendar Google Slides template is the structure. The layout is divided into blocks for recording tasks, time, notes, assignments, and more. Also, these templates are great for keeping track of everyday household chores.

Social Media Calendar Templates

The content calendar Google Slide template is 100 must-haves for SMM, freelancers, marketers, and anyone interested in social networks and actively promoting their products or services through such platforms. These layouts include everything you need to effectively plan your publications: well-structured tables, text blocks for notes, main content, photos, illustrations. Using the free Google Slides calendar template for social media, you can create a mind-map of the project: add entertainment, informational content, polls, giveaways, and the success of your advertising campaign is guaranteed.

The benefits of using Google Slides Calendar Templates

You can use the calendar template as an online planner to organize teamwork, assign work-related tasks, and track their progress. It is an easy-to-use collaboration tool. You can leave notes and comments in real-time.

The calendar templates for Google Slides are highly customizable. You can edit all text and visual elements as you like. To add your questions/answers to the placeholders, click on the required block and select the “Insert” option. Also, you can edit the font, background, color of text blocks, fields.

What are the benefits of our calendar Google Slides templates? Here, is some of them:

  1. One-click conversion. Google Slide templates are pre-formatted so you can convert to any format, including PDF.
  2. Mobile-friendly. You can edit calendar Google Slides templates via your smartphone at any time convenient for you. Thanks to preliminary layout formatting, all text, and visual elements are well displayed on any screen.
  3. Ready to print. You can print the calendar template in any format such as A4, A5, mini size, or full-size.

If you’re looking for the best calendar templates for Google Slides, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy easy planning and make time management simple!