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Invoice Templates

In this Google Docs invoice template for companies every detail of the sender and recipient is given its due importance.

The template complies with modern requirements for invoicing and includes all the basic elements for confirming transactions.

This modern invoice template for Google Docs has everything you need to plan an invoice for both a company and freelancers.

Thanks to the free work invoice template, you can prepare a payment report at any time, send it to an email or print it for an office meeting.

Download the blank invoice Google Docs template and you will always have at hand a tool for preparing commercial documents.

Downloadable basic invoice template created by professional designers specifically for your convenience, and business process automation.

The freelance invoice template for Google Docs will turn into an essential part of all your business process as the main method to save time.

The cool design of the invoices is a great chance to show the high level of the company’s creativity. Stay unique in all situations!

A consulting invoice template for Google Docs can turn into a basic document with a detailed description of the cost of all stages of the work.

The contractor invoice template for Google Docs greatly simplifies the work of contractors invoicing their clients for the performed work.

The sales invoice template for Google Docs includes all necessary data to provide the buyers with the detailed report on the performed work.

The rental invoice template for Google Docs represents a chance to double the savings on self-preparation of documents to pay for all services.

The integration of the project invoice template for Google Docs into the financial area of the project has more benefits than it may seem at first glance.

The use of proforma invoice template for Google Docs can provide you with a wide range of the opportunities needed for the more secure payments for services.

The use of a photography invoice template for Google Docs can turn into the most effective and convenient way for the interaction with the clients.

The use of service invoice template for Google Docs represents the best way to acquaint the client with the list of completed tasks and their cost.

The super simple invoice template for Google Docs is a perfect format of the document involving only crucial points and significant details.

The timesheet invoice template for Google Docs gives the client all necessary information to find out the details of payment.

The use of independent contractor invoice template for Google Docs can greatly simplify this task due to the presence of the specific advantages.

The hourly invoice template for Google Docs can save your time on this routine process without the help of outsourcing specialists.

The use of the self-employed invoice template for Google Docs is a great chance for the specialists to devote more time to basic work processes.

The sample invoice template for Google Docs can give you an opportunity to obtain new skills for the accounting documents of any complexity.

What data formats does the free invoice template Google Docs have?

What is the conditional data formatting in a simple invoice template?

Are there invoice template Google Docs with pivot tables?

How do I use the functions in the downloadable invoice template Google Docs?

What's the main benefit of using invoice template Google Docs?

Invoice Templates for Google Docs

Google Docs is a great business productivity app that has most, if not all, of the properties you would like from a word processing system. However, some users are very slowly moving away from desktop office applications in favor of cloud applications because they fear they will lose functionality.

What should be in a text editor? Just a little – so that you can type and edit text, and then save, print, or share the finished document.

But now more than 25 years have passed – there is an update, there is a new version – and now there are so many text editors that the eyes run-up, and the tools built into them no longer fit in all the tabs of the toolbar in Word.

The creators of invoice template Google Docs decided to make it easier. They developed a simple set of basic document formatting features and provided top-notch collaboration tools. It’s perfect for group work with simple documents, but if you need more than that, you’ll probably fall back on Word and its many features tucked away in submenus in the main toolbar.

A document template is a file in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word format in which you can use fields from Planfix tasks and dimensions. When a document is formed according to a free invoice template, values ​​from the current task are automatically substituted into these fields – and you get a ready-made document with the necessary data, which is immediately attached to the task.

With big companies like Google and Microsoft, small businesses, contractors and freelancers don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on tasks like creating an invoice, which is usually a monthly task. Free tools like Google Sheets and Google Docs can do this. Many ready-made invoice templates are available that need to be edited. Once edited, they are ready to be sent to the client.

Depending on what stage of growth your startup is in and what services you provide, you will probably be invoicing. Thanks to the free invoice template Google Docs, this is very simple: it has room for all the information you need and looks more professional than a regular spreadsheet. You can customize the template and choose a theme that works well with your brand.

Types of Invoice Templates

Freelancers or small business owners have a seemingly endless list of things to do all the time. We must be on the lookout for the shortest paths or ways that keep our business running smoothly. And they free up time for us to do what we do best, whatever it is. A ready-made Google Docs templates will help you understand all the important costs of a working budget.

Why are templates so useful for many purposes?

  • The tables are structured. They are presented as rows and columns that make it easy to find the data following simple logic.
  • Tables are scalable. Add row counts to your datasets and additional worksheets to your workbook as your needs expand.
  • Tables are flexible. They can be used for anything: as a workout tracking tool, or as a wedding planning tool, as you’ll see in this guide.


Now it’s time to look at the types of Google Docs templates for Service.

  • If you need to analyze web traffic using Google Analytics, then the templates can help you collect all the data in one report and save time. Better to use it in conjunction with the Google Sheets extension so you can track more data.
  • The Paid Traffic Report Template automatically collects paid sources data from Google Docs and shows all the important information in a graph, including target conversion rate, total traffic, and bounce rate. The free invoice template Google Docs can be configured to compare data over different periods, from different channels or segments. The best tools for analyzing the effectiveness of paid traffic.
  • In order to organize contacts and automate the sales and marketing process, you need a CRM system. But if you have a startup, you may not need all of its features. To get started, you can use the simple CRM invoice template Google Docs – it saves all the data automatically, so you never lose it. In such a system, you can work together with colleagues, which will help collaboration between sales and marketing departments.


Many professions become “remote” and go into freelance mode. It is convenient for the specialists themselves because they do not depend on the availability of a fixed workplace, the whims of the bosses, and customers do not need to overpay for the “company”, the work is carried out directly with the performer. The promotion of a freelancer is almost always the merit of the Internet, social networks are not enough to create a solid image. The best Google Docs templates will help you simplify your job and do it at no extra cost.

  • It doesn’t matter if this is your first major project or you’ve been involved in projects for several years, the simple invoice Project Timeline template comes in handy if you need to schedule every step. It helps you visually break your project down into smaller pieces, making it easier to isolate and distribute tasks.
  • Financial Report Template is a universal tool for keeping track of all transactions, profits, and expenses. In the “Profit and Loss” tab, profit, loss, and expenses for the year are automatically calculated. It also displays the percentage of the growth rate. The template will greatly facilitate your work and reduce the chances of error.
  • The freelance hourly Google Docs account template can be used by freelancers who work every hour. The template offers columns for hours and rates, besides description and date. As with other sheet templates, the total for each row is calculated automatically based on business hours. It also offers a line to add the tax to the total.


Introduction and analysis of finance is something that modern business cannot do without. Google Docs and its simple invoice template are the most affordable way to promote, but not all of them are known to entrepreneurs.

The company’s website is the key to marketing success. However, it is not enough just to create a website, you need to know the effectiveness of its work: how many visitors per day visit it, where they come from, which sections they visit and how much they spend on your services. If possible, it’s also a good idea to divide your visitors by demographic and interest.

With the downloadable invoice template Google Docs, you can do all this and more. The data provided to her will allow you to better understand site visitors and increase traffic. Free invoice templates are a must for any business as it provides access to all the data needed to optimize the company.

  • If your product managers are not using the invoice template Gantt chart, then they should be. This chart template helps you easily schedule your project. You can visualize each step and effectively distribute important tasks – it is easier and faster to mark the right person on the diagram than to write him a letter. And thanks to the ability to share the diagram with colleagues, all project participants can be on the same page and see how the business is progressing.
  • If your job description plays an important role in your business, you’ll love this job evaluation invoice template. This tool offers a tremendous amount of space for the same at the top. In the table, you will get only two columns – description and quantity, which are colored alternately. But this Google Docs simple invoice template doesn’t support taxes.
  • Looking for a unique invoice template? In the free invoice template, your company data along with your logo is highlighted in the left sidebar. The payment details and the table are present on the right side, which gives it a special look. The table gives you a description, quantity, and price columns, as well as discount and tax information.


Free invoice template Google Docs serve to obtain a large set of statistical data on the work performed and all project costs, which is indispensable for the contractor. One of these indicators is conversion, that is, the ratio of the completed target action to the spent finances.

  • The above invoice templates are customer-oriented. But if you want to track your invoices, there is a dedicated invoice tracking template for that. It offers a table with details like invoice number, invoice and payment date, resources, description, and amount.
  • If you’re looking for services and products separately, you’ll love the product and invoice template, which contains two separate columns – one for products and one for services. The total from both tables is displayed at the bottom and top of the invoice.

What should be included on a Google Docs invoice?

An invoice is a document certifying the actual shipment of goods or the provision of services and their cost. Google Docs invoice template download makes it easy to work with such an important document, be it a large company or a freelancer.

An invoice is a document that is issued to a buyer (customer) to record the fact that the order or work has been completed and to confirm the amount paid. Template Google Docs automatically structure the entered data and minimize the likelihood of error in calculations. Using this tool, such an important part of the work will be done without unnecessary worries.

The benefits of using invoice templates

Invoice template Google Docs is a layout of a future contract, invoice, or other document containing constant and variable data fields. It is important for a business to have a well-structured customer support process, especially when it comes to documenting sales. The main advantages of using this tool are:

  • Quickly created in the form of a commercial proposal, invoice or contract save managers’ time and eliminate errors in manual data entry when working with standard documents.
  • The document is generated from the data automatically, fewer mistakes in documents, less manual work, more time for sales.
  • You can create unlimited number of templates.
  • You can insert into the document any tables with lists of goods in a deal, with totals, discounts.

This is where various extensions come into play. The extensions menu in Google Docs includes more than three hundred tools that help you create documents faster, make corrections to texts, add graphics, equations, signatures and publish your work in the most convenient way.