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Free Booklet Google Docs Templates

Last updated:  04.04.2024

Do you need go public with the holiday program?
Advertise the product?
Present your company?

Printed booklets will be useful whenever you need to convey information to guests or clients.
To create a convenient, stylish design, there is no need to contact costly specialists. You can use the free booklet template for Google Docs, which has already been developed by professionals. Our layouts are made to be easy to use and edit.
All you have to do is choose a Google Docs booklet template for your purposes, customize it, and then print the required number of copies.

39 Templates

An original template with a picture of a cheerful doctor will definitely impress your medical institution’s clients. The information is divided into four visual blocks, each of which has space for several sentences of text and a thematic illustration.

google doc

Mass Booklet Template for Google Docs is designed specifically for religious institutions. It can be used to inform parishioners about the schedule of services, remind them of holidays, and invite them to visit the church.

google doc

This stylish template will help you to showcase your company, products, and services in an effective way. The black background with red visual elements will emphasize the modernity and innovation of your brand.

google doc

The strict Landscape Booklet Template for Google Docs will be useful when you need to convey a lot of information to your readers. The text is written in a black rounded font that is easy to read.

google doc

Do you need to prepare a manual for your employees, colleagues, or clients? Take a look at this printable template consisting of multi-colored text blocks. It will fit 5 descriptions of the necessary steps to perform a routine procedure or fix a problem that has arisen.

google doc

Fold Out Tab Booklet Template for Google Docs will help you to creatively advertise your cafe, restaurant or other food establishment. The layout contains a diagram of a paper toy in the form of a lobster, which your customers can assemble themselves.

google doc

Ensure that each specialist you hire understands their role by preparing employee handbooks based on this template. In addition to information about job responsibilities and rights, include information about company policies.

google doc

The Printable Education Booklet Template for Google Docs will help you create an advertising campaign for your school, university, or training courses. The front page contains a photo of the institution and interesting information about it.

google doc

With this free template, you can easily keep track of your pet’s vaccinations on time. It contains a table that is divided into three columns: the name of the vaccine, the time of its administration, and the date of the next shot.

google doc

Keep your fans informed about your upcoming performances by filling out the Concert Program Booklet Template for Google Docs. The layout has an original font and an unusual gradient background.

google doc

Present your company in a creative way using this professional email template. Its main highlight is an unusual background with intertwined white and navy blue colors. The layout contains three types of pages that will allow you to tell the most important things about your organization.

google doc

This useful template will serve you as a handy to-do planner. It consists of a month-long plate and an atmospheric image.

google doc

The main feature of the editable Baptism Booklet Template for Google Docs is the blue and yellow background that looks like it was painted with colors. The lower half of the sheet is occupied by text in italics, similar to handwriting.

google doc

This minimalist template will be useful for planners, designers, and developers. It will help to demonstrate an architectural project of any size, from a single apartment to a large residential complex.

google doc

This useful template will quickly teach your employees or customers how to make their own mailing envelopes and parcel boxes. It has a simple structure: on the left, you can see the necessary blanks, and on the right, the finished result.

google doc
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What are the best Booklet Templates in 2024?

Is there a booklet template in Google Docs?

Can I print a booklet in Google Docs?

How do I make a booklet template?

Booklet Templates

Standard document templates ー it’s convenient and free. You don’t need to engage an expert to get quality design printed products. No need to master specialized programs and skills to make a striking and memorable design for your purposes. If you are looking for your perfect Google Docs booklet, the Docs&Slides team already has a fresh solution. The collection available on the website will help you realize your vision without any extra hassle.

When Should You Pay Attention To Booklet Templates?

Are you planning an event, selling a product or service, preparing a congratulation to a loved one, or just trying to convey important information with the help of a booklet? Then it’s time to check out the booklet templates section on our company’s website. A team of designers and programmers has done the work to make you get:

  1. Free set of templates for different situations without registration or subscription.
  2. Original design, which was created from scratch and differs from those presented on popular online resources.
  3. Booklets compatible with Google Docs that can be viewed and modified on any device.
  4. Templates that are easy to customize, save or print.

The structure, color combination, fonts and graphic elements in each booklet template are optimally selected to perform the function assigned to them (informing, advertising, congratulating, etc.). But, unlike a customized order, you do not need to look for a contractor, wait for him to do everything and pay for his labor.

Who Are The Right Booklet Templates For?

The site is easy to navigate, because each template has a simple comprehensive name and a brief description of situations where it can use. And the image gives you an idea of how well this option meets your requirements and expectations.

We have booklet template google docs in our collection which will be suitable for:

  • notifications of an event or activity;
  • congratulations on a holiday, anniversary, anniversary;
  • advertising a product or service;
  • introduction to a plan or program;
  • universal use (informational, guidance, compact format).

If necessary, any booklet can be supplemented with an invitation from the invitation templates section, a postcard from card templates, a business card, a letter or forms of documents from other categories. Among the proposed templates there is a suitable option for specialists in various fields: marketers, designers, event organizers, representatives of educational, medical and religious institutions.

What Do You Get When You Use Booklet Templates?

Google Docs booklet template has all the necessary graphic, color and text elements to attract the attention of the target audience and increase interest in the content of the booklet. In this case, you do not need to dive headfirst into graphic editors, know specialized information about image formats, sizes, and their resolution. It is enough to define your requirements, turn to the Google Docs templates section and search for a variant with a suitable design.

All that remains is to download the layout according to the instructions that are located next to it. And then fill the structure with the necessary information. As a result, with minimal time and resource investment, you get an original design taking into account all your needs.

In addition to booklet templates, the site has a huge selection of booklets for educational, work and personal use. Together with Docs&Slides you can even write a book and design it in one of the available book templates. Our team is constantly updating the collection with new templates to make your work and study easier.

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