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Free Business Plan Google Docs Templates

Last updated:  13.09.2023

A well-thought-out business plan will be useful at all stages of the company’s activity. When starting your business, you should make it to determine the structure, budget, development strategies.

If your goal is finance sourcing, then pay special attention to the evidence that the money invested by the customers will pay off. And when telling your potential partners or clients about your project, focus on the benefits of working with you.

To introduce the company’s program at a high level, use business plan template for Google Docs. Free layouts developed by professional designers will save you time, effort and money, guaranteeing a quality result.

9 Templates

This standard layout will be good for any company. Attractive Business Plan Template is designed to describe the marketing strategy and has an editable schedule. The document also has a place for conclusions on market analysis. The background image on the front page can be changed to better match the activity area.

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The template is perfect for creating a business plan for a restaurant, cafe, and any other catering establishment. The first page shows the establishment’s name and its main concept. The next one is intended for a detailed description of the strategy, with photos and text. If one page is not enough, just copy and edit it as many times as you need.

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The effective Lean Business Plan Template for Google Docs is suitable for any activity area. The layout includes a large chart and a numbered list to help structure information conveniently. Its main features are a gradient background in blue shades and a low-key style. There is enough text space to fit all the important points.

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This laconic template will come useful when you need to present the most important points in short. It consists of one page where you can fit up to five points. This is enough to list the activity areas and values of the company, to provide information on market analysis, marketing strategies and reward expectations.

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Business Plan Templates

To draw attention to your project, you need to convincingly demonstrate its main advantages and prospects. Correctly presented information will help you attract investors, get financing, and find new customers and partners. Using well-thought-out business plan templates, you can quickly create a professional presentation that will make a good impression on the audience.

How to Create a Business Plan Using Google Docs Templates

The structure of your plan depends on the type of project and the audience you’re going to present it to. The easiest way is to choose a thematic layout for entrepreneurs from the collection, which already includes all the necessary points. However, nothing prevents you from choosing free business plan templates that you like visually. To create a convincing presentation, add to it:

  1. Information about how your product will interest potential customers and what needs it will satisfy. If you are going to demonstrate the project on behalf of a company, briefly tell Google Docs business plan template about its activities, achievements, and competitive advantages.
  2. Analytical data obtained during the study of the market, target audience, and competitors.
  3. Marketing strategy, including pricing policy, promotion channels, loyalty programs for customer retention.
  4. List of necessary equipment, materials, and personnel. In addition to the production process, describe in the business plan template for Google Docs everything that is required for supply, delivery, and customer service.
  5. Projected revenues, expenses, and methods of generating additional income. If you are looking for financing, specify the amount you need. Prepare business cards in advance using Business Card Templates to leave your contacts with those who are interested in the project.
  6. Potential risks that await your business, ways to avoid them and minimize possible damage.

When you finish Innovative business planning in Google Docs, you should summarize the project with a brief description of its benefits and prospects. After that, all you have to do is save the document in the desired format.

Advantages of Our Business Plan Templates

We try to provide you with the most user-friendly business planning Google Docs. Our layouts are designed to be intuitive even for those who have never worked with such documents before. All you need to do is download the one you like to your Google Drive and replace the information inside with your own.

All our Templates For Google Docs:

  • Free;
  • Easy to use;
  • Designed by experienced designers;
  • Have a well-thought-out structure;
  • Easy to edit.

Our collection is regularly updated with new free templates for business plans. Thanks to their professional design, they can be demonstrated at investment forums, conferences, business meetings, and thematic online platforms.

Use a customizable Business Letter Template to invite guests to a project presentation. To make it convenient for the audience to take notes, print a blank Business Memo Template or another layout suitable for note-taking for each of them.

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