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Resume Templates (CV)

With the free Google Docs resume template, you can make a good impression on the recruiter and get your dream job.

Using a pre-made simple resume template Google Docs, you can talk about your education, previous work experience, and professional skills.

This free job resume template for Google Docs is perfect for job seekers in marketing, education, management, and any other specialty.

The artist resume template Google Docs will help you showcase your personality, fine sense of taste, and creative skills in the best possible way.

The сombination resume template for Google Docs is the perfect tool to help you climb the career ladder or change specialization.

A well-designed CV template is equally suitable for an advertising specialist, marketer, sales manager, or any senior position.

Using the free CV template you will greatly introduce yourself and get the coveted phrase «Welcome to our company!».

Using the modern CV template, you can present yourself as a highly qualified professional interested in getting a top job position.

This creative CV template is perfect for creative professions, for example, designer, copywriter, artist, copywriter, stylist, and others.

Do you want to grab the attention of an HR manager? All you need to do is download the simple CV template for Google Docs.

If you don’t know how to correctly write a resume that will be instantly liked by the HR manager, the basic CV template is for you!

The acting resume template for Google Docs can provide you with an opportunity to impress the employer for further fruitful cooperation.

The use of chronological resume template for Google Docs includes all obligatory details for the development of the CV of high quality.

The use of college resume templates for Google Docs can greatly simplify this task for the student having no experience in this area.

The functional resume template for Google Docs includes a wide range of the available options to achieve the desired goal.

The use of high school resume templates for Google Docs can greatly simplify this process for the students.

The free access to nursing resume template for Google Docs can help you to make the first positive impression on the future employer.

The student resume template for Google Docs can provide the users with an opportunity to save time to create this kind of the CV.

Teacher resume template for Google Docs can save your time by providing you with a professionally designed document structure.

Why do I need the Google Docs resume templates?

What type of templates should I choose?

How to choose the right photo to use in the best CV templates for Google Docs?

What are the most common mistakes when using the free Google Docs resume templates?

Resume (CV) Templates for Google Docs

How often do you put off a potential job opportunity for later because of problems in creating a new resume? Well, I thought so! However, this situation should become a reason to think about the importance of the resume templates as the primary way to solve this issue. People who used the free Google Docs resume templates obtained a chance to make sure of their importance and usability.

This approach provides the users with an opportunity to achieve the new level in the self-presentation when the desired position in the company becomes only a matter of time after the positive impact of the resume on the potential employer. You can always use the templates to get the approval of the HR manager to receive an invitation to an interview.

Does that all sound complicated? It really isn’t. The best CV templates for Google Docs can solve the problem of the proper visualization of the CV content.

Types of Resume Templates

The templates involve the certain way for the information presentation to meet the requirements of any user. This point is especially important when you are a creative person with a non-standard vision of the world. The selection of the Google Docs CV templates is like a visit to an online store full of unique items without the need to pay for their use. Everyone loves profitable shopping. It will be easy for you to select the templates. The chronological, functional, combination, and targeted are the main types of the resumes.


The chronological type of the resumes pays special attention to the information related to your past work experience. It represents a chance to describe events preceding the acquisition of the certain experience and skills. The high value of such types of the free CV templates for Google Docs lies in emphasizing the experience and consistency of the future employee.


The functional type of the free Google Docs resume templates focuses on the employee potential. It is a great chance for the ambitious specialists. This type of CV is made for you. You can use it to describe the future plans and an aspiration to develop in the chosen company.


The combination type of the Google Docs resume templates can meet the needs of the wide audience of users. It implies the description of the employees’ experience needed for the achievement of the new goals. You do not have to choose only one kind of resumes. You can obtain the maximum benefit from the use of the combination type of resumes.


The target category of the Google Docs resume templates will be useful for the employees experiencing no difficulties in finding a specific position in a particular company. In this case, the high importance of the templates implies a chance to follow the already developed structure of the file by describing the data significant for getting a certain position.

How to make a good CV?


The best way to make a good CV is to be honest with yourself and your potential employer. Everything else becomes easy to implement with the best resume templates for Google Docs. They play an important role in the correct organization of the information and its memorable visualization. The templates can make you a pro in creating the files of this format.