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Free Journal Google Docs Templates

Are you planning a trip or going to take care of your diet? Or about to start a personal diary? For these and other purposes, you may use the free Google Docs journal templates.

Stylish layouts created by professional designers are very easy to apply. Just choose a template, copy it to your Google Drive and start editing. Without any effort, you will quickly make a unique document just for your own needs.

Besides, in our online collection of editable journal template for Google Docs, there are layouts for thematic publications that will be useful to companies, public organizations, and educational establishments.

Record your goals and plans with the Bullet Journal Template for Google Docs. The layout looks like it was drawn with a pencil and looks especially impressive if you print it out and fill it in by hand.

How to get inspired for new achievements, raise your spirits, regain self-belief? Fill out and print this awesome layout, adding phrases that encourage you personally.

Use Journal Entry Template for Google Docs to record thoughts, emotional reactions, dreams that occur to you during the day. The layout has an eye-catching design with a bright frame.

It is appropriate to keep a personal diary not only for teenagers, but also for adults. Record the results of your working day, important memories, plans for the future in it. The template can be printed or filled out online.

Start tracking what you eat with the editable Food Journal Template for Google Docs. The layout is divided into two parts, where the daily menu and personal notes are indicated.

If you are going on a trip, download the Travel Journal Template on Google Docs. To keep everything in mind, list the places you want to visit, your budget and detailed daily plans in the template.

The template will be helpful for pupils, students, scientific and educational establishments. Add your own photo if you prefer and start editing the text to tell of your discoveries or research results.

First of all, financial and trading companies should pay attention to Trading Journal Template for Google Docs. The blue and white color range can be replaced with one to match your corporate style.

The original layout has an extraordinary abstract background and is divided into two parts. The left part is occupied by the text block, and the headline is indicated on the right.

If you need to create a magazine for a medical institution, this template will make your job much easier. It is worthwhile to add the institution’s logo to make the layout more individual.

Financial Journal Template for Google Docs has an interesting style. The background and photo take up most of the cover, but there is enough space for the text to announce the issue topic.

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