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Free Journal Google Docs Templates

Last updated:  26.03.2024

Are you planning a trip or going to take care of your diet? Or about to start a personal diary? For these and other purposes, you may use the free Google Docs journal templates.

Stylish layouts created by professional designers are very easy to apply. Just choose a template, copy it to your Google Drive and start editing. Without any effort, you will quickly make a unique document just for your own needs.

Besides, in our online collection of editable journal template for Google Docs, there are layouts for thematic publications that will be useful to companies, public organizations, and educational establishments.

Journal Templates For Google Docs
53 Templates

When chasing big goals, it’s easy to overlook small achievements. To maintain a high level of motivation and self-belief, record each of your successes in this editable template.

google doc

If you’re feeling stressed out, it’s worth redirecting your energy to achieving physical or creative results. Track your progress in this difficult task by filling out the Sublimation Journal Template in Google Docs.

google doc

This template will help you plan your school week in detail. It consists of a table divided into three columns: morning, afternoon, and evening. Horizontally, there are seven rows corresponding to specific days of the week.

google doc

The Printable Student Journal Template for Google Docs will be a useful tool in the educational process. The narrow columns indicate the dates and list the tasks that need to be prepared for those days.

google doc

This versatile, editable template will help you organize your thoughts and plan important conversations. At the top of the email, you need to list the meetings you’re going to have and indicate what challenges you’re facing.

google doc

To better understand your emotions, you must first learn to recognize and track them. In this layout, you can record how you react to a particular event, what makes you happy, sad, or confused.

google doc

This unusual template will help you get through an unpleasant moment in your life faster. It contains a list of 5 stages of grief from denial to acceptance along with thematic illustrations.

google doc

Keep your own planting calendar and keep track of your gardening progress with the free Grow Journal Template for Google Docs. The stylish layout is decorated with beautiful images of flowers in golden colors.

google doc

If you are fond of knitting, this themed template will definitely come in handy. You can use it to mark the progress of your work, plan future projects, write down patterns for new patterns, and remind yourself to replenish your yarn stocks.

google doc

The unique design of the Manifest Journal Template for Google Docs will appeal to all space lovers. The beautiful starry sky background is decorated with images of clouds that look like they were painted in watercolor.

google doc

Celebrate your pet’s successes in this editable template. The cute design with a dog picture will appeal to both adults and children. There are two columns for the text, with plenty of space to tell about your pet.

google doc
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