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Last updated:  17.07.2024

If you have the task to go public with your idea, project, or product, then do it with the help of a good presentation. Such an interesting presentation of the material will be remembered much better than an ordinary report. Moreover, you don’t need to spend hours on developing a design from scratch. Choose any of our free templates for Google Slides and edit them with dispatch.

Here you will find a variety of layouts for business, educational, and personal purposes. Creating an impressive presentation has never been easier than with Google Slides templates.

Google Slides Templates
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A simple Family Feud Game Show Template for Google Slides will come in handy when you are organizing a game among beginners or have not fully understood the rules yourself. It contains detailed instructions on how to conduct the match, which will allow all participants to quickly understand all the necessary nuances.

google slide

Don’t have time to meet up with your loved ones because of your workload? Organize a remote game of Family Feud using this handy template. The modern-style layout is designed for three teams.

google slide
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Using Google Slides Templates: Save Time and Impress Your Audience

Whenever you need to convey some information to the audience, do it by means of presentation. By adding images, videos, diagrams to the text, you will draw the viewers to your topic.
To save time and nerves, instead of developing a document from ground up, use ready-made templates for Google Slides. Our professional designers have already thought out the structure and style of the presentation for you. All you have to do is edit it to meet your requirements, and then be a welcome surprise for the audience with your performance.

The purposes of Google Slides templates

We are used to the fact that presentations are needed for business activities or studying. In fact, the scope of their use is much wider. On our website, you will find the best Google Slides templates for:

  • congratulations on the holidays;
  • creating photo albums;
  • Jeopardy and Family Feud games;
  • road maps development;
  • creation of newspapers, brochures etc.

Our presentations are absolutely free for both personal and commercial use. Speak using our templates in front of large audiences, telling of your project, send to employers in the form of a portfolio, effectively advertise the product. Whatever your goal is, Google Slides presentation templates will help you achieve it off-beat way.

Google Slides vs PowerPoint

Google Slides is often called the online version of PowerPoint, but this is not a completely correct comparison. Having similar functions, the Google service provides users with many more advantages, including:

  1. Free of charge.
  2. Work through the browser, without installation on the device and computer power requirements.
  3. Automatic change saving.
  4. Possibility to work on a document for many users at the same time.
  5. Quick access to files from any device: just go to Google Drive.
  6. A wide range of free Google Slides templates for various purposes.

Only the need for a reliable Internet connection can be attributed to conditional disadvantages. If this is not a problem – Google Slides will be a useful tool for you.

Advantages of our templates

Our website presents a large collection of Google Slides templates in various categories. You don’t even need to register – just open the layout you like and copy it to yourself. All our templates are:

  • Absolutely free;
  • Created by professional designers;
  • Easy to edit;
  • Not necessary to be downloaded to your device.

You can change the template to your taste. Text, background, image, color range, font – customize slides to your requirements with just a few mouse clicks.

Google Slides templates usage guide

Once you find the layout you like, open it and copy it to your Google Drive. Hereupon, it will remain at your disposal forever. If you plan to use this template more than once, for greater convenience, do not edit the presentation this very minute. It is better to create a copy of it on your disk, rename the file and make changes there exactly not to get confused.

The layouts include different page types with graphs, lists, places for videos and images, etc. You won’t need all of them, so delete the extra ones within the editing process. Upon finishing, you can download Google Slides template in PPTX or PDF formats.

How to attribute?

Generating high-quality templates requires significant time and dedication. We simply request the inclusion of a small attribution link. Select the platform where you intend to utilize the template.

Choose your preferred social media platform from options like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Share our templates with your contacts or friends. If you’re not active on these social networks, you can simply copy the link and paste it into the one you use.

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Copy this link and paste it wherever it’s visible, close to where you’re using the image. If that’s not possible, place it at the footer of your website, blog or newsletter, or in the credits section.

For instance: books, clothing, flyers, posters, invitations, advertising, etc.

Place the attribution line near the image’s usage on your website, or if that’s not feasible, include it in the credits section. For example: ‘image:’. This template was created using images from

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