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Certificate Templates

If you want to congratulate an employee, loved one, or friend, the Google Docs gift certificate template will exactly come in handy!

Using this template, you can without the help of a designer, create a training certificate template Google Docs. Create certifications which can be proud!

How can I find the best template to meet my needs?

What should I know to create a high-quality certificate?

Do I need any specific experience to use templates?

How can I save time to create a certificate?

Certificate Templates for Google Docs

The right way to reward people is the main tool for a high level of motivation. At the same time, the financial equivalent of the gratitude for a rendered service or in honor of a particular occasion is not always appropriate. The individuals inspired by the need to solve the same issues introduced the tradition to present the certificates.

This category of motivational encouragement can satisfy the desires of even the most extraordinary person, by providing him with an opportunity to choose a specific option from the certificate based on the particular preferences and possibilities. The use of the certificate templates for Google Docs gives you a chance to create an impressive certificate adapted to the unique needs of any user.

Types of Agenda Templates

The website offers its users such types of the certificate templates as:

  • Gift certificates;
  • Achievement certificates;
  • Completion certificates;
  • Award certificates.

The variety of templates provides you with an opportunity to create a certificate to implement the intended goals without the need to have specific skills and knowledge. This process is as easy as editing a ready-made document. You just have to introduce the necessary information into the template.

The available template library includes a wide range of the structures and designs to meet your needs. Furthermore, you can use the editable gift certificate templates in Google Docs for the creation of the certificates for the different people.


Every year the birthday people look forward to their celebration. At the same time, the guests invited to the party rack their brains when choosing a gift. You constantly face this problem by making every effort to find the necessary and impressive gift.

However, the true desires of the birthday people may be unknown even to themselves. In this case, the gift certificate is the best type of the present, providing the individuals with an opportunity to have several options for choosing a desired gift. The users of the Google Doc gift certificate templates can include unlimited options for a gift in a certificate by involving the conditions to obtain them.


Different kinds of the motivational systems to reward the employees are an integral part of the managerial approach aimed at the achievement of the high level of performance among the specialists. This system forces the team members to make every effort to get on the honor roll as the best employee of the month. The same situation occurs with the achievement certificates.

The use of the Google Doc certificate templates provides the managers with an opportunity to develop this kind of the documents to reward employees for the productive work, benefiting the company. This “little” document can become a motivation for the person to achieve the “big” goals in his professional path.


The certificate of completion is a crucial point of any educational course and the grueling training process. It represents documentary evidence of acquired knowledge and experience by becoming a prerequisite for the achievement of the promotion at work and career growth in general.

University Diploma is the most desirable type of the completion certificate. The thoughts of getting it are the most powerful motivator for completing the study assignments during the periods of highest academic workload.

The free Google Doc certificate templates are available on the website for all educational organizations and institutions to make the desires of all students a reality.


The statistics show that award certificates are the most demanded category of the templates on the website. Don’t miss the opportunity to use their advantages for your business. These types of certificates can become relevant for a wide range of users. For example, you have to award lottery participants. This kind of template will meet your needs.

At the same time, you can use certificate templates Google Docs as a way to show your gratitude to a certain person for particular merits. The templates for the award certificates can become a universal solution for the formation of a document with the undefined specifics. However, this situation cannot become a reason to give up the need to thank people.

The benefits of using Certificate Templates

The benefits of using certificate templates are especially evident when it comes to the urgent need for expressing gratitude or choosing a gift. As a general rule, the members of the target audience have no time to ask specialists in this field for help.

The presence of the editable gift certificate templates Google Docs can solve this problem by requiring a minimum amount of time and effort. However, the final result of work will be the pinnacle of professionalism, good structure, and impressive design. It is a situation when you do not need to seek help from a specialist, by having all necessary tools to eliminate the issue independently.