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Free Calendar Google Docs Templates

How often do you forget to do important things on time? Project deadlines, congratulating loved ones, bill payments, children’s performances… In order not to miss anything, start planning your life by means of editable calendar templates for Google Docs.

Ready-made free layouts with a design created by professionals are available for various purposes. Mark the most significant events in the annual calendar, fix plans in the monthly or weekly calendar, think over a detailed list of things in the daily calendar. There are also thematic calendar templates in Google Docs, whereby you can create a content plan, teach children to prearrange, etc.

Mark all the essential monthly events in this bright calendar. If you have a lot of things or goals planned for a particular day, make a reference in the note space below the table.

Are you going to plan your week? Use a simple Weekly Calendar Template for Google Docs. Each day has its own block for text, so you have enough space to list the most important things.

An extremely helpful calendar for anyone who regularly uses social networks. A well-thought-out structure allows you to get a detailed content plan with publication topics descriptions and instructions on where and when to display them.

Drawing up a weekly lesson plan will help the child learn to think ahead and time well. For more convenience, print this layout in a cartoon style so that the student can fill it in by hand.

The daily calendar template will be especially useful for making work plans. There is a place for a to-do list, goals, contacts, and notes. The layout can be conveniently edited online, noting the completed stages.

What can be marked in the annual calendar? Birthdays, anniversaries, milestones, and of course vacations! In the 2022 Calendar Template for Google Docs, weeks conveniently start on Monday and end on Sunday, and weekends are put in bold.

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