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Free Super Bowl Squares Google Docs Templates

Last updated:  20.09.2023

Have an even more enjoyable time in the company of others by using a printable Super Bowl squares template! This popular gambling game is often played at parties, gatherings with friends, and in offices. You can even share your filled-out templates online, competing with other game fans on the internet.
Our free templates are designed in various styles, so you can choose the one you like the most. Super Bowl squares template can be edited: you can add your own text, change colors and fonts, and so on. Also, all templates can be printed without having to download them to your device.

10 Templates

The standout feature of the Numbered Super Bowl Squares Template is the image of a green football field at the top. The same color highlights the first horizontal and vertical row of the square block.

google doc

The vibrant design of this free template sets a positive mood for the players. The top of the sheet is decorated with a header featuring an image of a ball, and the bottom displays drawings of American football attributes.

google doc

The Super Bowl Football Squares Template for Google Docs is created in a minimalist style. Calm colors and a universal design make this template especially appropriate for a large group.

google doc

This editable template is designed for true fans of the Super Bowl game. Besides the table divided into one hundred squares, it features an image of a football field where you can make your own notes.

google doc

Use the Super Bowl Square Template to pleasantly surprise everyone who’s planning to play along with you. A football field grass-like background sets a sporting mood.

google doc

What are the best Super Bowl Squares Templates in 2024?

How to make a Super Bowl Squares Template?

Are there Super Bowl Square Templates in Google Docs?

How to edit templates for Super Bowl Squares in Google Docs?

Super Bowl Squares Templates

For many football fans, Super Bowl Square has long been one of their favorite pastimes while watching the most popular sporting event. Even if you are hearing about this game for the first time, it won’t stop you from quickly understanding the rules. Our editable super bowl 2023 squares template with beautiful design will help to organize entertainment for your company easily and free of charge.

How to Choose a Super Bowl Square Template?

Of course, you need to be guided by your own taste first and foremost. The Docs&Slides collection includes layouts in different styles, both with realistic photos and with drawn thematic images.

When choosing one, it is important to consider how you are going to fill in the table. All options are suitable for printing super bowl squares template on a multicolor printer. If you are going to use black and white, make sure that all elements of the layout are clearly distinguishable.

How to Use Super Bowl 2023 Squares Template?

Once you find a layout you like, open it and copy it to your Google Drive. Change the background, color scheme, fonts, labels, and visual elements as you wish. It would be logical to specify the names of the teams so that you don’t have to write them manually every time.

When you are done editing the Super Bowl squares template, you can:

  1. Immediately print the completed template via Google Docs.
  2. Download the layout to your device in a convenient format.
  3. Share it online.

You don’t have to gather in one place to enjoy the game. It is enough to send a link to the document to your friends with an offer to place a bet. Every change in the file will be visible, so don’t worry that someone will be able to cheat.

How to Play Super Bowl Squares Template?

The main part of the template is a square grid. It consists of 10 vertical columns and 10 horizontal rows that form 100 squares. One soccer team will correspond to the columns and the other to the lines.

Ask all the players to put their initials in the squares. After that, number the columns and rows with random values from 0 to 9. The only thing left to do is to place the completed Super Bowl square template in a prominent place and keep track of the score. The square that matches the last digit of each team’s score for the quarter will be the winner.

According to statistics, the most frequent numbers in football scoring are:

  • Zero
  • Three
  • Seven

One and four are also good, but if you “take” two or five, your probability of winning is much lower. But you can be sure that Super Bowl 2023 squares template made a good impression on your opponents.

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