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Free Agenda Google Docs Templates

When arranging a business meeting, conference or other public event, you cannot do without drawing up an agenda. Having made it exciting, you will give a boost to the event and prove your professionalism therewith.

It is very easy to do this by means of free agenda templates for Google Docs. After choosing a design you like, copy the document to your disk and add information about your event to the layout. After making changes, all you need is to save the agenda template in the desired format and print it.

It is suitable for everyday workshop venues and business meetings. In addition to the actual topic and the speakers’ names, you may indicate the points of the previous discussion. There is some blank space for notes below.

Use this agenda template if you have many events scheduled within the week. There is an opportunity to indicate where and when they will take place.

The main emphasis in the form is on the topics raised during the meeting. For convenience, we recommend specifying them by points.

This is a detailed editable template in which you can write an hourly plan for the upcoming meeting. The ‘Night city’ background can easily be replaced with any image of your own – just download it to the document.

Choose this option when you want to announce the event and its themes. In a separate block, there is a place for contact data for the invitees to contact the event organizers and get more detailed information. It is suitable for online distribution.

This is an excellent choice when several themed events are planned. On the left is a ready place for three ones, but their number is editable. The right side of the form is occupied by an image, which can be replaced if preferred.

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