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Free Press Release Google Docs Templates

Last updated:  14.09.2023

Announce an event, presentation, fundraiser, business or themed event – use the free Press Release Template Google Docs. Tell what, where, and when it will happen and get feedback from the interested audience.

Choose an editable layout for news about professional, charity, or entertainment events. Follow media standards – write the most important things briefly to draw the community’s attention to the event. Download the Google Docs Press Release Template if you need to publish the news urgently or prepare it with a time limit.

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Involve the community in current issues – use the printable Fundraising Press Release Template with orange headlines. Specify the purpose of the fundraiser and tell about the event dedicated to it.

google doc

Invite guests to the event with an exclusive and editable template. Specify what exactly the designers will present, where and when the show will take place.

google doc

The Film Press Release Template in Google Docs is designed in pleasant colors that can be changed at will. Add a shot from the teaser to the editable layout and arouse the interest of the audience.

google doc

Use the structured template to inform your employees, partners, and customers. Its laconic design meets the requirements of many periodicals that will publish your news.

google doc

Download the Embargoed Press Release Template and prepare the news in advance. Specify the date and time for journalists to announce important events or new products at the right time.

google doc

Use this template and hire the best specialist for your company. Specify your requirements, company mission, and working conditions to attract candidates.

google doc
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How to Make a Template for a Press Release?

Press Release Templates

When you’re going to disseminate information on behalf of a company or organization, it’s important to present it properly. This is the case when the appearance is important, because a simple text message will look unprofessional. With the help of our free press release templates, you can easily prepare an email that will attract attention and showcase your brand in the best possible light.

Who Can Use Press Release Templates?

If your company has news, it’s a great reason to remind old customers about you and find new ones. This method of promotion accomplishes several tasks at once:

  1. Expands the audience.
  2. Generates public interest.
  3. Increases brand awareness.
  4. Shapes the image.
  5. Increases sales.
  6. Helps to establish cooperation with the press.
  7. Protects your position from misinterpretation.

By choosing a good press release template on Docs&Slides, you can safely send an edited document not only to clients but also to the media. Even if you have a small company, it is quite possible to arrange for your news to be covered in the publications of your city or region.

Journalists are constantly looking for useful information, expert commentary, and new formats, so the main thing is to make them interested in your content. If you are going to organize a press conference, print a press release, business cards, and promotional materials in advance. Use the Booklet templates created by our designers to present information about your company’s activities in a beautiful way.

What to Write in a Press Release?

On our website, you will find press release templates for Google Docs on a variety of topics. With their help, you can tell about:

  • expanding the range of goods or services;
  • a limited-time advantageous offer;
  • opening a vacancy;
  • organization of a public event;
  • a charity event;
  • your company’s reaction to a current event;
  • results of the year;
  • plans for the future, etc.

To ensure that the audience receives your news loyally, it is better that the text does not look like a direct advertisement. Prepare relevant and useful information that will be interesting to read even for those who are not familiar with your brand. After that, choose Google Docs templates with a suitable design and copy them to your disk.

Our layouts are specially designed so that you can easily edit them. They are absolutely free, including for commercial use. Preparing press releases has never been easier!

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