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Free Agreement Google Docs Templates

Last updated:  11.12.2023

Having reached a business agreement verbally, be sure to document it in a Google Docs agreement contract template. This ensures that each party will remember their responsibilities. Our collection includes templates for leasing, loans, partnerships, and more. Feel free to use them at no cost and without any restrictions.

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To conclude agreements, it’s not always necessary to have a lawyer on staff. Most official documents have a standard format. Simply choose a fillable agreement template for Google Docs that suits your situation. By adding your information to the template, you can immediately send it to your partner, significantly speeding up the agreement process.

Professionalize Your Business Agreements

Professional templates can save you a lot of time when preparing documents. Once you’ve edited a chosen agreement for the first time, you can continually use it in your operations. This allows you to:

  • save money on legal services;
  • quickly standardize your company’s documentation;
  • coordinate agreements online;
  • simplify the work for managers.

Use Widely Chosen Agreement Templates

We offer a new approach to agreement design. Leave behind the dull black-and-white documents! Our creative agreement templates Google Docs feature color accents, original borders, unique backgrounds, and fonts, making your documentation truly unique. Additionally, Docs&Slides templates are:

  1. Free. You can use all our templates without any limitations.
  2. Easy to use. Simply copy the desired template to your Google Drive to start editing.
  3. Convenient. Edit the agreement online or download the file to your device for free.
  4. Quickly customizable. You can enter your information into the document in just a few minutes.
  5. Ready to print. Send the filled or blank template to the printer without any additional preparation.

Delegate Responsibilities

Share the chosen template with your subordinates or colleagues. By storing company documents in the cloud, you will always have access to them, allowing you to consult them from any device.

Coordinate Agreements Quickly

Documents are much easier to coordinate in electronic form. Our editable templates are compatible with Google Docs, Microsoft Word, PDF, and MacOS Pages, enabling you to exchange agreements with clients and partners in a convenient format.

Join the Docs&Slides Community

Our collection is regularly updated with new thematic templates. We design each printable agreement template for Google Docs with attention to detail. Thanks to their thoughtful structure and unique design, you can easily create beautiful documents that match your corporate style.

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