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Free Book Google Docs Templates

Free book templates for Google Docs will be helpful for people who want to design their artistic stories beautifully. With their help, you can collect family recipes in a unique album that will look like a cookbook created by professionals. Or, you may note important contact data in the convenient format of a stylish directory with names and phone numbers.

Using the Google Docs book template is very simple. After choosing a layout, download it to your Google Drive and start editing, adding your information to the document. The obtained result can be printed or left online.

This editable layout is excellent for scientific articles and non-fiction books. The template has 4-page types: primary and front pages, content, and conclusion.

Create your own recipe book with the heartwarming book template for Google Docs. A detailed description of the dish preparation is placed on the right, and on the left is a place for a photo and ingredients list.

The layout has a minimalist design. The upper part is occupied by the finished dish photo and information blocks on the number of portions, cooking time, and personal notes. The bottom half shows the ingredients list and the recipe.

This book template on Google Docs will suit those who have skills in drawing comics. Due to it, you can easily add text to your picture and save it in the preferred format.

This is a free layout in a calm color range as if made with paints. It is best suited as a wrapper for a children’s fairy tale. Apart from the text, you can change the objects inside the book template in Google Docs.

Use this layout to make your database. It consists of small blocks where you must enter the contact name, address, phone number, and email.

Please tell your story using this free Personal letter Template for Google Docs. The layout has a bright design and plenty of space for text. The font is unusual but readable.

Love poetry!? Then why not collect all your favorite poems in a book, so that each page has an atmosphere that suits the work, change the background and text color within the editing process.

Editable Coupon Book Template for Google Docs will be useful when organizing holidays, promotions, loyalty programs for customers. The layout is ready for printing, so all you have to do is add the necessary information there.

Use this practical template to systematize your acquaintances’ contact information. You can leave the completed layout on Google Drive to have online access to it from any device.

Print this template for your kid to help him learn the alphabet. Colorful drawings will hold the child’s attention for a long time and stick in mind. It is also suitable for kindergartens and primary schools.

What are the best Book Templates in 2023?

How to make a book template in Google Docs?

How to write a book using Google Docs book templates?

How to add pages to book templates?

Are the selected files suitable for Microsoft Word?

How to change the files?

Can I add my illustrations to the book created with the support of the Google Docs as the templates?

How can the users achieve the effective results of the use of the files offered by the Google Docs?

Book created with the usage of the Templates related to the option of the Google Docs

Now everyone can try themselves as a publisher! After all, we’ve created professional books developed due to the presence of the templates needed for the Google Docs, thanks to which you can independently design poetry, story, or fairytale books for children, comics, and much more. Bring your ideas to life! Let your creativity flow!

Types of Book associated with the Templates – Pick Up the Perfect Layouts for the Users!

The clients should understand that creating a book is a difficult task that requires time, effort, and inspiration. To simplify this workflow, we’ve created well-structured Google Docs in the form of the files that the clients can use as an example, walkthrough, or online constructor.

The files have everything you need to introduce a book: a cover with an attractive design, pages with an epilogue, content, and chapters. We took into account all the nuances so that nothing distracts the users and they will focus on writing the book.
For the users’ convenience, we’ve combined the files into thematic categories, such as:

  • Recipe: with help of these Google Docs structures, the individuals can develop an unusual cookbook with photos of ready-made dishes, descriptions of ingredients, and stages of preparation – such a book will be the envy of even eminent chefs!
  • Comic: these books based on the benefits of the files include funny illustrations, small text blocks, and a diversity of graphic elements. Now, you have everything you require to create a cool comic.
  • For Children: discover a world of magic tales and magic with colorful images and interesting details.

Check out the templates and select the one that works best for your content.

Example Of Google Docs Recipe Templates

( Example Of Google Docs Recipe Templates )

Recipe described in the Book developed with the Usage of the Template

With the recipe book devoted to the advantages of the template taken from Google Docs, the individual can add recipes for salads, desserts, meat dishes. In other words, to make the restaurant look attractive and the staff friendly. Most restaurant chains have special questionnaires that each manager mentions when checking the readiness of the cafe to receive guests.

Address Mentioned in the Book created with the Support of the Template

This type of the files can turn into a basis for the reflection of the strategically important data. It can includes the phone numbers, addresses, and different details about the individuals and companies. They will have convenient access and structure of the data.

Comic Theme for the Book as a foundation of the Template

Everyone loves comics and superhero stories! Imagine you can create your awesome comic pieces. The clients don’t need to be a professional artist or cartoonist to do this. It’s much easier – download the file and start creating your fantasy story. Want to add the clients’ sketches to the files? No problem. You can personalize the layout as you like and add any illustrations.

Children’s Book dedicated to an active Usage of the Template

This literature is special. It represents a basis for the development of the kids demonstrating a desire to find out the details about all of the concepts and situations. The books should include the balanced content in the form of the text and a large number of the pictures. The use of the files is the only way for the inexperienced specialist to create this type of the book. Use this opportunity to enjoy the outcomes of the working process.

The Privileges of the Book based on the Google Docs as nuances of the Templates?

The crucial strength of files implies professional design. Our creators have selected a well-readable font, set margins, headers and footers, and other page parameters so that your book looks high-quality and visually attractive.

  • One-click instant save. To save a template, the clients express no necessity to register on the website. Just a few seconds – and the file you like is already on your Google Cloud.
  • Customized in minutes. You can personalize the file and change it however you’d like it to look. The clients can introduce unusual design by revealing the page style and format, font, cover options, graphics, and illustrations.
  • Enjoy developing unique literary pieces using our printable and editable files. It’s completely free! We’ll be very grateful if you tell your friends and colleagues about our resource.