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Free List Google Docs Templates

Last updated:  13.11.2023

A well-thought-out list is your best assistant in planning your day, tasks, events, shopping, and more. There’s no need to limit yourself to a boring list written on a regular sheet of paper. Add even more motivation to accomplish what you have in mind by using free List templates for Google Docs.
Our ready-made templates have a beautiful design with a well-organized structure, as they are created by professionals. Choose the option that best suits your tasks, make a copy on your Google Drive, and edit it as you wish. With Google Docs List templates, you’ll save a lot of time and energy that you can invest in realizing your plans!

21 Templates

The Bill List Template for Google Docs is designed to create a price list. With its concise black and white design, it avoids unnecessary elements, making it suitable for both personal and business use.

google doc

This useful template is primarily designed for planning a large shopping list. It is divided into two columns, accommodating twelve short items each. Next to each item, there’s a checkbox for conveniently marking purchased items.

google doc

The Password List Template in Google Docs is handy for those who have multiple accounts on various platforms. It allows you to easily store information for accessing websites, social media pages, applications, and more.

google doc

This useful template will help you make an informed decision. It is divided into two lined columns where you can list the pros and cons of a purchase, action, job opportunity, and more.

google doc

The Shot List Template for Google Docs is a great find for those involved in video shooting or scriptwriting. The template features four columns where each frame or scene can be briefly described.

google doc

This vibrant editable template with hand-drawn plants is perfect for a wish list or any other type of checklist. It has two columns with eleven text boxes, which stand out clearly against the background.

google doc
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What are the best List Templates in 2024?

What is the main goal of the online resource devoted to the Google Docs?

What does the website ask their users to give in return for its services?

Do the users receive an opportunity to develop unique files?

How will I improve my methods to the Google Docs to introduce the lists?

Is there a list template in Google Docs?

How do I create a List in Google Doc?

List Created with the Involvement of the Templates Based on the Advantages of the Google Docs

The use of the lists for the different purposes can greatly simplify and facilitate the procedure of processing and using information. This point is especially relevant when it comes to the need to complete a large number of tasks in the educational and business field of activity. You can place them in a different order to visualize their importance and priority based on the complexity of implementation and closeness of the deadlines.
The Google Doc list templates can become the easiest way to create such a category of the files. The clients can edit them according to your needs without the use of the additional equipment and programs.

Types of List Templates

The files can be divided into several types, involving personal, guest, short, and price lists. It takes the minimum amount of time to select the necessary template and start editing it. All users are faced with problems in the lists formatting through the use of the text documents. The list of the files for Google Docs can eliminate this problem, by providing the individuals with the already developed structures for filling with the content.
The users can introduce different kinds of the numbered and bulleted paragraphs to achieve the necessary appearance of the list by performing it the most understandable for its creator.

Personal (to do, wish, pros and cons, packing, etc.)

The personal type of the lists covers the largest variation of user needs. The clients can develop a list with the assignments for their productive implementation, describe your wishes, and evaluate the pros and cons of any action. You have no need to limit yourself in the desires by editing the files according to your preferences. This process does not imply the presence of outside help and other programs.

Guest List for the Different Celebrations

This point has a significant impact on the all nuances of the event, involving the choice of the place, menu, and amount of food. Consequently, you should make every effort to remember all the people who should receive an invitation to the celebration.

The list created with the support of the templates needed for the Google Docs have different points and categories to develop the lists describing the number of the guests for any kind of the event with the different occasion and celebration theme. The use of such an approach to structuring the information will motivate you to become the most responsible party maker ever.

Shot List

The presence of the limited amount of information and data can become a prerequisite for the use of the files needed for the creation of the short lists. In this case, every point of the lists has a high importance for its creator. This structure of the Google Docs dedicated to an opportunity to develop a list through an active use of the files will not imply an in-depth description of the tasks and points of the lists.

The use of the different markers at the beginning of the paragraphs can become the most convenient visualization of the information by turning it to become easy to perceive. These files can save money to concentrate on more important nuances of certain activities.

Price List

The use of lists created with the involvement of the templates needed for the Google Docs can structure this information. This situation can provide the users with an opportunity to see the current indicators by comparing them with the previous prices. The presence of an ability to monitor this information has a direct impact on the financial well-being of the company.

The benefits of List Devoted to an active use of the Templates

The benefits of list occured due to the support of the templates involve such point as:

  1. Simple structure for the presentation of the information
  2. The absence of the necessary to have specific skills and knowledge
  3. The presence of the files to create the different kinds of the materials
  4. An opportunity to use the file for free

Every user can find the individual benefits of using a list created with the help of the templates based on his/her unique needs and preferences. This process can become an integral part of the daily routine dedicated to the systematic implementation of the items of the plan.

The Google Docs necessary for the presentation of the list based on the benefits of the templates can become the first step to increase the level of the productivity necessary to achieve certain results in the professional and personal life.

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