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Free Menu Google Docs Templates

A sophisticated menu is half the battle of a restaurant or bar. Moreover, it must also be well-designed. It is necessary to think over not only the name of the dishes and their cost, you need to specify the ingredients they include and the portion weight. Use our editable free menu template, Google Docs, and create a unique and herewith well-thought-out menu for your establishment.

Professional designers develop all layouts to look stylish and have a smart structure. Copy the Google Docs menu template you like to your Google Drive, add photos and text and get excellent results free.

This template looks awesome due to the combination of contrasting colors. Rest assured, your restaurant guests will be pleasantly surprised.

The use of the Spanish menu template for Google Docs is a basis for the creation of the description needed to reflect the details about the features of the dishes.

The take out menu template for Google Docs will allow you to develop a creative menu with the informational content!

The tri-fold menu template for Google Docs provides the users with an opportunity to develop more user-friendly menu visualization.

The use of the lunch menu template for Google Docs can turn into the easiest way to reflect the details of this food intake.

he use of the home dinner menu template for Google Docs can give you an ability to describe all the dishes that you can cook in less than an hour.

It is your chance to introduce the available beverages by attracting the attention of the guests who can enjoy the cocktails!

The use of the party menu template for Google Docs can provide you with an opportunity to complete this task in a few clicks by spending minimum time to achieve the desired results!

The pizza menu template for Google Docs is a basis for the introduction of the photos of the dishes into the file!

Sandwiches is a common name for a snack that combines bread and filling. Vegetables and fruits, greens and lettuce, fish and meat, cheese and butter, sour cream and sauces can turn into the ingredients of this dish.

The service menu template for Google Docs can be useful in any area of activity including the restaurants, stores, beauty salons, and medical institutions!

The use of the bakery menu template for Google Docs can turn into the primary way for the optimization of certain processes representing an integral part of the process of functioning of the cafe

The use of the beer menu template for Google Docs can turn into the most productive way for the creation of this type of beverage.

The use of the catering menu template for Google Docs is the most convenient way to develop this type of the files by changing data described in them.

The use of the Christmas menu template for Google Docs can significantly simplify this process by providing you with an opportunity to focus on the process aimed at cooking the dishes.

The drink menu template for Google Docs can become the best way to describe a wide range of beverages.

The use of the monthly buffet menu template for Google Docs can take several minutes to complete this task by having no need to get distracted from the main process of cooking.

The use of the Thanksgiving menu template for Google Docs can turn into the best structure for the development of this type of the documents with the specific structure and design.

The use of the wedding menu template for Google Docs can significantly simplify this task.

The use of the French menu template for Google Docs provides the users with an opportunity to reflect the details of such gastronomic events.

The dinner menu template for Google Docs is the most convenient way to create this kind of the files

The layout consists of the main part, where there is a dish list, and photo frames. You can modify it to use for any dish category. To do this, replace the picture and edit the text.

The bright Lunch Menu Template for Google Docs has an extraordinary background, various sweets are drawn on. The dish list with prices is placed in the center. You can add a short mouth-watering description under each one.

This is a very atmospheric editable menu for a coffee shop. The right side is occupied by a thematic photo, and on the left there are hot and cold coffee drinks and desserts on the original background.

This stylish template combines different font types and colors. Free Brunch Menu Template for Google Docs includes four standard items: appetizers, desserts, first course, and meat dishes.

The layout consists of one page. The name, slogan, and yummy photo are placed on top. The text is divided into two columns, where it is suggested to list chicken and beef dishes. There is a price opposite each item.

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Menu Based on the Perspectives of the Templates Devoted to the Google Docs

The visits to the different eating houses for a pleasant time with friends and an opportunity to enjoy the taste of the delicacies turned into an integral part of the leisure activities of people all over the world. In this case, any eating house offering its visitors to purchase food and drinks has to provide the guests with the menu. This file includes the names of the meals and drinks with their annotation and prices.

The presentation of the information in the menu has to meet the specific requirement to be understandable for the guests. The menu created with the support of the templates related to the Google Docs provide the users with an opportunity to take into account all details during the creation of these information brochures with the necessary categories of the data.

Types of Menu As the Nuances of the Templates

The website proposes its uses to use the different types of files for the:

  • Eating houses
  • Catering
  • Drinks
  • Holidays and events

The free access to the menu dedicated to an effective usage of the templates necessary for Google Docs have different structures to meet the requirements of the wide audience of the users, expressing a desire to develop the well-structured lists of the data. Drawing up a business plan is an integral part of the restaurant business, which under no circumstances should be neglected.

The first question that a novice restaurateur may have is who needs a business plan? In Western countries, a business plan has long been a necessary document to attract investment. In our country, this document has recently become mandatory when obtaining a loan for business development. Having a business plan allows private investors to assess how profitable and promising the proposed idea is. Based on this document, the investor will be able to conclude how much he can invest in this project.


The eatery menu is a specific category of the files, taking into account the generally accepted structures. They should be understandable for the guests by drawing their attention to the maximum number of the positions from the list. This approach is the primary way to increase the consumer “appetite” in an eatery. This kind of the menu has to include pictures of the dishes.

This type of the template includes the special parts and categories to place the information in the menu. The Google Doc for menu templates are the easiest way to focus on the details of the file, attracting increased attention of the visitors.


The catering menu implies the presence of more data for the attendees of a particular event or meeting with the certain meal breaks. This type of the menu will not include pictures of the dishes. However, the file involves the structure divided by specific time intervals. It means the time indication for the meal breaks.

This data is the most important in this kind of the menu. The free access to the menu in the form of the templates dedicated to the Google Docs will allow its users to focus on this feature of the file by avoiding the common mistakes. The creation of the menu overloaded with unnecessary content can lead to the emergence of misunderstanding with the guests.


The need to categorize the drinks available in eateries turned into a reason for the emergence of a specific menu type. It has to include the maximum variety of the beverages to meet the needs of the different categories of the guests. An opportunity to try the positions from the drinks menu can become the main reason to visit the pubs and bars with the presence of the unique cocktail list and hot drinks.
The use of the Google Doc occured due to the introduction of the menu as the details of the templates can simplify the task aimed at structuring the cocktail list for its easy perception by the guests.

Holidays and Events (Wedding, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Christmas, etc.)

The development of the specific menu takes a special place during the preparation for any kind of celebration. In this case, the menu of the event should have a specific appearance to be a part of the uniform style of the celebration. The occasion organizers should make every effort to meet the requirements of their clients, by focusing on the preferences of the guests during the choice of the dishes from a specific cuisine.
At the same time, the holidays and events can have a certain theme, determining the selection of the dishes.

Examples Of Some Designs Of Menu Templates (

(Examples Of Menu Templates)

The productive outcomes of Menu related to the effective attraction of the Templates

The positive nuances of using a menu involve a chance to create the file, performing certain tasks. The first one includes an opportunity to increase consumer demand for visiting a particular restaurant or café. One more option of the files gives the individuals a chance to develop the menu, meeting the requirements of a particular event. In this case, the menu can have a specific design by becoming an integral part of the celebration decoration.
The use of the files can minimize the time needed to describe the data about the meal breaks during catering.