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French cuisine is divided into traditional folk and exquisite restaurants. In turn, there are regional dishes of French cuisine in the national cuisine. The division into folk and aristocratic cuisine, as well as the rejection of fast food are the main features of French cuisine. French cuisine is also distinguished from other European cuisines by the use of rather exotic ingredients involving snails, and frogs.

The aristocratic or restaurant French cuisine, whose recipes originate from the kitchens of court chefs, are more famous all over the world. The use of the French menu template for Google Docs provides the users with an opportunity to reflect the details of such gastronomic events. The users should not have any:

  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Extra money

At the same time, the individuals will receive the results of the high quality during the use Google Docs menu templates provided by the online resource. The well-known dishes of French cuisine involve the recipes of:

  • Ratatouille
  • Flambé
  • Foie gras
  • Onion soup
  • Tatin pie
  • Consommé

French cuisine recipes are also replete with sauces, and various cooking methods. The menu of French cuisine is very diverse, because it can include dishes from Normandy, Provencal, southern or Mediterranean cuisine. Indeed, French cuisine gave its admirers a lot of delicious and original dishes. Salads are one of such dishes. The desserts of French cuisine are the real pride of the French menu.

Creme brulee, meringue, profiteroles, and pasta cakes are offered by French cuisine. Photos of these culinary masterpieces delight with their appearance alone. By the way, the aesthetics of dishes is an important component of French cuisine. The French, as true aesthetes, pay great attention to the design and presentation of dishes. you should also learn this detail if you are interested in French cuisine.

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