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Magazine Templates

Free fashion magazine template for Google Docs is ideal for any small business that has a preference for print marketing.

Feel like a fashion magazine publisher! Using the old magazine Google Docs template, you can be bound to impress readers.

Bright, stylish, high-impact! This old fashioned magazine Google Docs template is specially created to realize your journalistic talent.

Tell about your business proposal in high-impact! With the free ad magazine Google Docs template you will be able to convey any ad message convincingly.

Nothing attracts attention like an original approach to the presentation of information. Using the classic Vogue magazine template for the project.

If you want to create a fashion lookbook or ultra-modern magazine, the creative Vogue magazine Google Docs template is what you need.

Now you can forget about constantly jumping from one site to another in search of a professional Google Docs magazine template.

You get a convenient tool for the implementation of any ideas, creative projects. Download the magazine template for free, edit and amaze!

If you’re looking for the cool «People magazine template Google Docs», you’ve come to the right place.

People Magazine Template has a wide range of uses and is suitable for any personal or professional task. Use the template for your creativity.

Just imagine, you can get to the main page of a famous glossy magazine right now! Download the free Time magazine Google Docs template.

You can use the Vogue magazine Google Docs template as a basis for any creative projects and ideas. You need just a few clicks!

What is the Google Docs magazine template?

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Magazine Templates for Google Docs

Many companies and personal brands are constantly thinking about promoting their brand, an online or print magazine has great potential in this direction. But creating such a platform requires time, resources, and some knowledge in programming and optimization. Of course, there’s no need to “reinvent the wheel”. Magazine templates for Google Docs are designed in such a way that both a novice and an advanced user can create the necessary page.

The free Google Docs magazine template provides a great opportunity to create a stylish, status-oriented and informative magazine. Templates for Google Docs provide great flexibility, allowing you to customize your project the way you prefer and create a fully functional journal without any coding skills.

Types of Magazine Templates for Google Docs

For those who do many tasks at once, it’s important to create a system that allows you to stay organized and not miss a single detail. To do this, you can use a magazine template for Google Docs.


By taking an active part in the creation of the product, we realize the high value of stationery layouts and use this demonstration tool again. Google Docs magazine article templates are distinguished by their sophistication and great attention to detail. The designers of the templates are masterful in their design, so there are a lot of really interesting elements.

Most writing takes several approaches. First, you research the topic thoroughly, adding references and quotations. Then you outline the material, and finally you format the work. Google Docs’ editable magazine article template can help you structure your work and give it a unique look with a variety of layout options.


Another indispensable template type is the cover, so let yourself be productive with a wide range of templates designed with your goals in mind and editable on demand. Google Docs magazine templates make planning, collecting, managing, and reporting easier, helping you work more efficiently and achieve more, wherever you are.

Take inspiration from famous designs


Creating a Time template will amaze all your readers. You don’t have to sit around for hours coming up with a new template design in Google Docs. Posts and news on your site should be structured in such a way that users can easily perceive your content. To attract fans, as with paper magazines, an online magazine should display all headlines, articles, and photos in a presentable way. Time magazine templates will add uniqueness to your blog!


These days, people read online magazines more often than they read paper magazines. Your competitors are way ahead of you if your magazine site isn’t pretty enough, poorly designed, or unresponsive to all sorts of screen sizes. But if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you need to use the People magazine template: beautiful, well-designed and responsive.


The iconic Vogue magazine template is suitable for creative fashion publications. Vogue magazine templates for Google Docs are designed to accommodate large photos along with easy-to-read articles. When creating these templates, the focus was on the author’s ability to design the articles so that they stay clean, well-structured, and beautiful.

The benefits of using Google Docs Magazine Templates

This exclusive collection of magazine templates allows you to create a beautiful magazine even without design experience. Each magazine template is created by a professional and can easily be enhanced with your content. Enjoy a mass of free images, fonts and icons that you can use without a license. All elements in the templates are easy to edit.