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Available Formats:
Microsoft Word, PDF, EPUB, TXT, ODT

With the Google Docs for the introduction of the magazine in the form of the template, the individuals can share their perception of the different areas of people's interest to obtain an understanding and cultivation of the interest in these themes. Use the files for:

  • Celebrity
  • Fashion new
  • Coverage
  • Any other interesting topic

With an easily customizable designed magazine with the creation of the template placed on the Google Docs, you no longer need to select text blocks, fonts, image sizes. Our designers have made sure that you can work with this template with pleasure!

Use the People magazine developed with the support of the templates related to Google Docs as a designer: select the placeholder text and replace it with your own, add photos, specify the date and issue number – and that's it; your magazine is ready to print. Columns for text are aligned in width and height. Therefore, you can be sure that your magazine will look professional in both print and digital versions.

Save the template to your laptop to always have it close at hand. Also, you can convert the magazine templates to pdf and other text formats. Each nation in each historical era developed its own fashion system, which evolved over the centuries under the influence of cultural contacts, improved technology, and expanded trade relations.

Compared with other types of art, fashion has another unique quality - the ability to widely and almost instantly respond to events in the life of the people, to the change of aesthetic and ideological trends in the spiritual sphere. It cannot be that the character of a person is not reflected in his appearance. How a suit is worn, what details it is complemented with, in what combinations it is made up - all these are features that reveal the character of the owner.

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My goal is to create beautiful and intuitive graphic designs for individuals and businesses! I, Kateryna Kyrylova, specialize in a variety of formats, from Google products to Microsoft.

From Ukraine
3 years’ experience
Art education

designed more than 1500 templates for

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Kateryna Polyakova specializes in creating concise texts and articles for business education. Her blog provides quick insights to help you choose the right template efficiently. Recognizing the value of time, she ensures her content is brief yet informative, guiding you to the perfect template within minutes.

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