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We took care of the details: you can indicate the issue number of the newspaper, your contacts, the name of the piece. The Time magazine related template based on the magazine Google Docs templates can be changed by the users of the online resource.

When meaning is transformed into form, everything accidental is removed from it; it is emptied, impoverished, all history evaporates from it, only bare literalness remains. The reader's attention paradoxically switches, the meaning is reduced to the state of form, the linguistic sign - to the function of the signifier in myth. But the most important thing here is that the form does not destroy the meaning, but only impoverishes, distances, keeps in its power. Meaning is about to die, but its death is delayed:

  • Depreciating
  • Meaning retains life
  • Focus of the readers

Recently, with the emergence of local private and network newspaper enterprises, a number of periodicals, mainly of an advertising and commercial nature, as well as federal newspapers with regional inserts, are printed on their production base. It should be noted that in this case, the stronger the competition of printing enterprises in the newspaper production sector in the region, the more intense the migration of regional newspapers among printing houses.

In the workload of regional, especially federal newspaper complexes, these newspapers occupy an insignificant place, using in most cases the capabilities of printing houses with lower overhead costs. Almost all local press is printed in city and district printing houses. In all likelihood, this, despite the problematic nature of the situation, explains the fact that the country retains a wide network of printing houses of the local press.

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