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The Vogue magazine developed through the use of the Google Docs as a part of the file with the magazine templates is a great prerequisite to develop complex and multi level projects in this area. There are many examples when it was fashion that raised some everyday types of clothing to the category of fashionable things. So, jeans, which were originally cheap work clothes, at a certain period became a fashion item for a youth suit. Young people who appear in any situation in jeans, thereby demonstrate their belonging to a generation rather than aesthetic views and personal taste.

Fashion in general always strives for a young and fresh impression: it wants to rejuvenate. The emancipation of women in the 20th century inspired fashion designers to radical changes in clothing. Working women have discarded romantic “tricks” that are unnecessary and inconvenient in everyday life. Women's fashion is increasingly acquiring the characteristic features of men's clothing. The reduction in the length of women's skirts, far above the knees, the rejection of the bra and the short men's haircut, laid the foundation for a new attitude towards fashionable clothes, in particular women's.

The Vogue magazine template can turn into an amazing way to share the data in the area of fashion and marketing in this business field. This approach can have such privileges as:

  • Understandable data to share
  • Easy information to show
  • Structured content to demonstrate

The development of fashion is associated, first of all, with social and mental patterns: physiological changes, acceleration, changes in social psychology. Fashion researchers point to the presence of certain patterns of its development:

  • Connection with socio-historical phenomena
  • Acceleration of distribution
  • Cyclical development

Fashion is associated with various aspects of the development of society, it reflects all aspects of culture and social life that attract the attention of the whole society.

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