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Google Docs Templates

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Free Google Docs templates for everyone – choose, download, enjoy the result

Do you need to create a student newspaper, prepare a project mind map or publish a missing poster on social networks? Or maybe you are an entrepreneur, and you urgently need to send an invoice to your customer? Don’t panic, everything is under control! On our platform, you can find Google Docs templates both for formalizing official documents and for developing creative materials for print, such as brochures or calendars.

Free templates for Google Docs: types, characteristics

Say “Goodbye!” to traditional Microsoft Word documents! You no longer need to waste time “playing with fonts and text formatting” to create a resume or brochure. Google Docs templates already have a ready-made structure, correctly sized images, tables, and other graphic elements. You just have to fill in the data.

Our website contains single and multi-page templates. It can be just a cover page or a set of 3+ pages. Each layout is designed with a specific concept. For example:

  • Mind map: these are well-structured templates using various infographics, diagrams, blocks. It is an indispensable tool for tracking project progress, business planning, or organizing everyday tasks.
  • Newspaper: these layouts are designed by the formatting rules of periodicals (include titles, headings, newspaper columns, images, etc).
  • Magazine: an excellent solution for those who want to creatively draw the audience’s attention to their brand, company, product. This section presents layouts in the style of well-known commercial, entertainment, scientific and fashion magazines.
  • Invoice: Google Docs templates are made by the rules for official documentation.
  • Missing Poster: templates are created to draw public attention to the disappearance of a person, pet, or valuable thing.

Google Docs templates are a great solution for print

Using ready-made layouts, you can be sure of the correct display of data when printing. The templates use high-resolution images, so you get a high-quality «picture» at the result. Google Docs templates can be converted to any text format, including pdf, docx.

Just imagine, you can create your magazine in the style of Vogue, Time, or People. You don’t need to be a super-skilled graphic designer or a typographer to do this. Everything is much simpler: you can download a Google Docs template in magazine format, replace the filler text, add photos. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

What are the benefits of using Google Docs templates?

  1. For each task has its unique layout. Our catalog contains Google Docs templates for business and private tasks. We are constantly updating the gallery, focusing on the requests and wishes of users.
  2. Download templates for free. You do not need to pay for a designer’s services, for example, for developing a flyer, magazine, or a set of branded documents. On our site, you can download any layout and adapt it to any niche.
  3. “Always available”. Google Docs templates are stored in the cloud. You can open them from any device – smartphone, PC, Mac, or tablet.
  4. Preview option. Thanks to this function, you can immediately imagine how your calendar, newspaper, or any other document will look like.
  5. Convenient search. Didn’t find the template you were looking for? Enter a query in the search bar; the system will automatically select the best options.