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Free Lesson Plan Google Docs Templates

To ensure your lesson goes smoothly and you don’t forget to discuss anything, it is necessary to prepare a lesson plan in advance. This is especially indispensable if you are a novice teacher. To save time, we recommend using an editable lesson plan template for Google Docs. All templates are designed by our designers to be convenient for you to use. All you need to do is to delete unnecessary elements and add your own. In the template, you will be able to detail the purpose of the lesson, the main theses, the timing for discussing each issue, and practical tasks. Use the free Google Docs lesson plan template and make your lessons more productive, and your education more quality.

A simple but very handy free template. It not only has space for a lesson plan. Main topics that need to be discussed with students can be put into a separate checklist. During the lesson, you can note what you have managed to talk about and what you haven’t. There’s also space for notes where you can write down the main theses or interesting facts that will be needed during the lesson.

This Weekly lesson plan template in Google Docs is suitable for those who like to compile a weekly lesson plan. You can specify the subject in the title. There are 7 cells provided for each day of the week, which can easily accommodate lesson topics and main theses.

This is a good option for those who like conciseness. The template has space to indicate the date of the lesson, the class, the main topic, and necessary notes.

The Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan Template is specifically designed for university teachers. In the layout, you can succinctly describe all the main points of the lesson by items.

Want to create a monthly lesson plan? This printable Google Docs lesson plan template will suit best. In special cells, you can indicate the topics of upcoming lessons and even make short notes with important information.

If you’re afraid that you won’t be able to find the necessary information during your lesson, this template will help you structure all the data. It is specifically designed in a table format to make the search for the necessary theses as simple and quick as possible.

The template with a charming background and harmonious color scheme will make preparing a lesson plan much more enjoyable.

To not forget anything and discuss all important points with students during the lesson, use the Teacher lesson plan template on Google Docs. It allows you to specify the main objectives of the lesson, materials for further study of the topic, main theses, and sources of information that you used to prepare for the lessons.

An extremely useful template for all types of teachers. It is based on the latest approach to lesson preparation, which requires defining clear lesson objectives, taking into account different types of students, and updating the assessment system.

What are the best Lesson Plan Templates in 2024?

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How to create a lesson plan template in Google Docs?

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Lesson Plan Templates

It takes hours, sometimes even days, to create an effective lesson plan from scratch. You need to include all the details necessary to conduct a training session without forgetting anything. And then you need to organize the information well so that readers can understand everything.

The good thing is that there are free lesson plan templates that allow you to prepare a program in just a few minutes! Professional designers have already thought about the structure of the document, its style and format for you. All you have to do is add your own text and then print it or use it online.

How to Choose The Best Lesson Plan Template for Google Docs?

Layouts with lesson programs will be useful for absolutely all teachers, professors, and trainers. You just need to find the one that best suits your goals and approach to organizing your work. Lesson plan templates can be divided as follows:

  1. By period. For a day, week, month, semester, year.
  2. By tasks. For school, university, additional classes.
  3. By structure. Tables, lists, SIOP and UDL.

If you still have no idea what your curriculum should look like, try different options. For better efficiency, use several types of Google Docs templates at once. After writing down each lesson in detail, add them to a table with a plan for a week or other period.

You can also use Schedule templates, checklists, planners, Notes, Newspaper templates to prepare for classes. You will find many useful layouts for organizing the learning process in our collection.

What to Write in a Google Lesson Plan Template?

A good lesson plan template for Google Docs should be structured and include all aspects of the lesson. It usually includes the following elements:

  • A topic with a brief description or overview;
  • Learning objectives that you plan to achieve by the end of the lesson;
  • Materials and techniques needed;
  • The planned activities;
  • A knowledge test that will allow you to evaluate the success of learning the material.

When the curriculum is prepared for official use, it may be necessary to add links to the documentation adopted by the institution. In this case, choose a Google Doc lesson plan template that has room for new rows or columns.

Advantages of Docs&Slides Templates

All our layouts are created by professional designers, so they have an attractive look and well-thought-out structure. They are specially designed so that even a beginner in working with online documents can easily edit them. By choosing Docs&Slides, you get the following benefits:

  1. Free. Copy templates for yourself without any costs or restrictions. No hidden fees: you can use them freely for both personal and commercial purposes.
  2. Uniqueness. We design our templates from scratch, so each one is one of a kind.
  3. Beautiful design. Each layout is created by a qualified specialist, so it looks professional and attractive.
  4. Easy editing. With Google Docs, you can quickly customize the layout to suit your needs. Change the text, font, background, color scheme, and visual elements in just a few clicks.
  5. Security. We guarantee the absence of malware and viruses. You don’t even need to download the layouts to your device – just save them to a virtual disk.

Our collection is regularly updated with new editable Google lesson plan templates. Update your curricula to keep them beautiful, interesting, and relevant.