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Available Formats:
Microsoft Word, PDF, EPUB, TXT, ODT

The designers have created a layout that completely repeats the format and style of the popular entertainment magazine about celebrities. Using the layout you will be able to Wow effect your friends, colleagues, or clients.

All you need is to download the free template and open it in Google Docs or Microsoft Word. You can work with this layout as you like: online or offline. The choice is yours! The Google Docs dedicated to the template requires constant innovation to attract the attention of the readers.

The pages are designed in the same style: all graphic elements, text blocks organically complement each other. Use the magazine cover through the introduction of the Google Docs in the form of the template to draw readers' focus on your content. The home page has everything you need to accomplish this task: a large headline, subheadings, image blocks.

Thanks to pre-formatting, you don't need to change page settings or «play with fonts». You can print magazine templates or use them digitally. Share the People magazine templates for Google Docs with your friends and create awesome projects together! This type of the literary piece can:

  • Support the readers
  • Show the new ways to perceive data
  • Turn into a great presentation materials

The regional newspaper market that has developed to date, as a primary factor that determines the state and prospects for the development of the corresponding printing base, is characterized by the constant emergence of new publications, both regional and interregional levels, established by new subjects of the publishing newspaper market, as well as publications, as a rule, of the interregional level. formed as a result of the diversification of the publishing program of the active subjects of this market.

To ensure the printing of such a powerful array of periodicals, hundreds of printing enterprises of regional significance and thousands of district and city printing houses existed earlier and are functioning today.

Kateryna Kyrylova


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My goal is to create beautiful and intuitive graphic designs for individuals and businesses! I, Kateryna Kyrylova, specialize in a variety of formats, from Google products to Microsoft.

From Ukraine
3 years’ experience
Art education

designed more than 1500 templates for

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Kateryna Polyakova specializes in creating concise texts and articles for business education. Her blog provides quick insights to help you choose the right template efficiently. Recognizing the value of time, she ensures her content is brief yet informative, guiding you to the perfect template within minutes.

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