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The purpose and principles of compiling the menu for each class of a restaurant, cafe, bar imply a certain number of dishes and drinks that should be on sale daily. When creating a menu, it is necessary to diversify the raw materials and products used to prepare a wide range of culinary products and drinks using various cooking methods. The use of the drink menu template for Google Docs represents a crucial way for the development of these types of files for most restaurants.

At the same time, cafés and bars offer visitors a variety of drinks by avoiding the complex dishes on the menu. In this case, these catering establishments represent the best place for friends to meet. The drink menu template for Google Docs can become the best way to describe a wide range of beverages. In this case, such a drink as coffee is especially popular. The menu of bars includes a large selection of such drinks:

  • Latte
  • Macchiato
  • Flat White
  • Frappe

The use of the menu Google Docs templates provides an opportunity to introduce changes into the menu by spending a couple of minutes to complete this task. The price list of wine, vodka, tobacco products and drinks can include vodka, bitter tinctures, sweet tinctures and liqueurs, strong grape wines, white table and red table wines, semi-sweet grape wines, dessert wines, champagne, cognacs, liqueurs, beer, mineral and fruit waters, juices, tobacco products.

At the same time, the templates provide a chance to describe the available beverage additives by providing the visitors with an opportunity to obtain a unique taste of drinks. This point is especially significant when it comes to the necessary to implement permanent changes based on the seasonal assortment and guest preferences.

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