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In practice, the peculiarities of the legal and legal form of the restaurant have the least effect on the organization of personnel management. The undeniable advantage of large structures is that there are wider opportunities for development, internal growth and redistribution of labor resources. Specialists working as HR managers, personnel workers, must solve such complex problems and make responsible decisions that dictate the modern restaurant business and competition.

Otherwise, their work in a restaurant comes down to preparing orders for enrollment and dismissal and control over the medical and work books of employees. Saving on attracting trained specialists, observing local interests, hiring relatives and acquaintances for this job, restaurateurs deprive themselves of the opportunity to competently build a corporate culture, create effective personal management.

The use of the monthly buffet menu based on the menu templates created for the Google Docs can significantly simplify the procedure aimed at the creation of the educational materials that require the use of the combination of the content and pictures. An objective indicator of the level of personal management within the organization are the following factors:

  • Whether the personnel manager is involved in management meetings or only statistical data prepared by him are used whether he attends seminars, professional conferences
  • How knowledgeable the HR manager is about what's going on in the restaurant
  • The use of the monthly buffet menu dedicated to the productive usage of the template in the form of the Google Docs is a chance to think through all the details by creating the list of the dishes that will meet the preferences and expectations of all guests. The buffet menu can contain a huge number of dishes. It requires an introduction of the constant change based on the desires of the guests and concept of the restaurant or event.

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