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Job Resume Template

A great career starts with a well-designed and structured resume! We're convinced of this, so we have created a fully editable job resume template Google Docs for you. This layout is perfect for job seekers in marketing, education, management, and any other specialty.

The coral background is the «highlight» of this Google Docs template, which will make your resume stand out from the classic black and white documents. The layout is preformatted. Evenly-set margins, well-readable fonts, and block structure make your resume look professional. The template includes all the necessary sections: «Specialty», «About me», «Education», «Experience», «Skills».

Download the free Google Docs resume template and go to customizing it. Replace the text in the placeholders with information about yourself, add a photo, phone number, and email. Also, the background of the document, the size, and the type of font are editable. Thus, you can adapt the template to the requirements of a particular employer for the resume design.

You can convert the Google Docs template to any text format, including pdf and Microsoft Word (.docx). You can also create multiple copies of the layout and use them for different vacancies. Do you look to increase your chance of getting a job? Then send the potential employer a cover letter and resume template Google Docs, all in the same style. Present yourself in the best possible light!

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