How to convert Google Docs format to Microsoft Word, PDF, and any other?

Published: 19.08.22    Modified: 19.08.22

Google Docs try to meet the needs of all users. The individuals have an opportunity to convert the files of Google Doc format to Microsoft Word, PDF, and any other in a few clicks. In this case, the individuals can store their files of any format on their laptops for further exploitation.

Complete the described actions to convert a certain Google Doc file to the document of necessary format.

1. Open the file in Google Doc that the individual expresses a desire to receive in a specific format.

2. Сlick on the "File" button.

3. Select the "Download" option.

How to convert Google Docs - step 1

4. Find the necessary format of the document

How to convert Google Docs - step 4

5. Enjoy the received file of a certain format on the laptop.

The individuals can find a detailed video guide for converting Google Docs to the required format below. Just use all of the Google Docs opportunities to make your life easier.

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