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Wedding Timeline Template

An organization of any significant event requires a high level of the preparation to achieve the desired results. This process includes the necessity to schedule many stages to complete a wide range of tasks. This point is especially evident when it comes to the wedding celebrations.

This day is special for every family. Since childhood, girls have dreamed of feeling like princesses on this day. Consequently, an organization of this celebration requires well-thought-out planning to take into account all details having impact on the emotions of the newlyweds and guests on this day.

The wedding timeline template for Google Slides can turn into the perfect way to support the bride in her planning this holiday. It includes the specific kinds of the tables with information to fill. For example, the formation of the list of the guests is one of the crucial tasks at the initial stage of planning a wedding celebration.

The number of the guests will influence the choice of the hall for the celebration, the menu and the calculation of the wedding budget for the organization of this event. The wedding timeline template for Google Slides involves intuitive infographics for the consolidation of information about:

  • The number of guests
  • Time of celebration
  • List of restaurants to choose from
  • The best flower shops in town
  • Addresses of pastry shops

The nice slide design plays a crucial role during sending this information to specialists helping to organize the wedding. This approach will show your high level of the requirements for the result of work at each stage of planning an event.

You can save this presentation even after the ending of the celebration as a reminder of the happy period of preparation for the wedding. These slides will cause positive emotions and pleasant nostalgia during their further viewing. Every celebration is significant by representing an endless source of positive emotions.

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