Non Fiction Book Template

Template Details
Template Size:
А4 (21 х 24,7 cm)
Editable Elements:
Color, Text, Objects in template
Available Formats:
Microsoft Word, PDF, EPUB, TXT, ODT

The Google Docs turned into a basis for the creation of books through the use of the template. This approach is the most effective way to obtain the planned results in the literature in the form of the printed pieces that will cause the demand among the readers and fans of the different genres.

The advantage of this layout is an opportunity to use the template as the perfect way to compensate for the lack of skills and experience needed for the achievement of certain categories of the goals. Working with the template developed due to the presence of the Google Docs will allow you to leave comments, highlight fragments of text with a colored marker. Also, if you wish, you can open other users' access to co-editing text. It very simplifies the creative process and saves you time.

Numbering, line spacing, and other key page parameters are already predefined. The non-fiction book developed with the support of the templates for Google Docs is designed in one concept: book cover, inner pages organically complement each other in style. Do you want to increase the number of pages in your template? No problem! Select the «Duplicate" option and add as many pages as you need.

The book templates developed for Google Docs are fully editable for free usage. You can innovate anything in the document (from placeholder text, font size to the page background color). This method can change the template and make it truly unique. You can export the template to pdf, txt, doc, and print it. Also, you can send the book based on the template needed for Google Docs via email, create a copy, or save it to your laptop.

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