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Last updated:  13.11.2023

Correspondence is one of the important elements of business and everyday communication. By means of creative letter templates for Google Docs, you can make your letters not only informative, but also beautiful. At the same time, you will hardly have to make any effort!

All layouts in our online collection are developed by professional designers so that they can be easily and quickly edited. You only need to open letter templates in Google Docs, copy to your disk, add your own information, and then save the completed document in the desired format.

31 Templates

If you don’t know how to write a letter of recommendation, this template will be a real godsend. It carefully describes what exactly you need to include in each paragraph and gives tips on how to make the best impression on your recipient.

google doc

Add a little magic to your child’s life by sending them a letter from Hogwarts! The main highlight of the template is the unique fonts that imitate handwriting.

google doc

The one-of-a-kind template has a drawn design and is intended for personal correspondence. On the sides there are funny images of animals, and the place for text is in the center. The font looks like it is handwritten.

google doc

Is your child looking forward to a reply from Santa? Use this ready-made template to please your little one. The free Letter From Santa Template for Google Docs already contains a great text, all you have to do is add your son or daughter’s name.

google doc

Have you ever sent a love letter to your loved one? Get started right now with the adorable Love Letter Template in Google Docs.

google doc

The main emphasis in the template is on the name with the surname and photo. They stand out in bright blocks to attract attention straight off. When you download the layout to Google Drive, you can change the orange color to the one you like better during editing.

google doc

Before you attach a letter of recommendation to your application, you should take care of its proper design. This is where this editable Recommendation Letter Template for Google Docs will prove useful.

google doc

Use this stylish template to announce your resignation in a polite way. It contains thematic instructions for writing the text, which will tell you what should be added to the application to the employer.

google doc

Who hasn’t at least once dreamed of getting a letter from the most famous school of magic in the world? Give a fabulous mood to your child or loved one by filling out the free Letter From Hogwarts Template for Google Docs.

google doc

This template for business correspondence has an extraordinary design. Thanks to the frame with abstract elements, the document looks less official, which allows you to address the intended recipient without unnecessary formalities.

google doc

This holiday letter will be a real gift for children. It contains a message from Santa, where he says that he is already preparing for the trip. Add the name and surname of your child to the template, after which it can be printed straightaway.

google doc

The template is intended for business purposes. Most of the space is occupied by the text block. To add character to your letter, apply your company logo and change the color range to your corporate colors.

google doc

The template is on the order of an ordinary sheet from a notebook, beautiful roses are drawn on. The font is chosen so that the text looks like it was written by hand. Personal Letter Template for Google Docs is best suited for communicating with loved ones.

google doc
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What are the best Letter Templates in 2024?

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What are the advantages of letter templates for Google Docs?

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Letter Templates

The first thing the recipient of your email will see is its design. No matter how important the text is, it will look boring in a plain black and white format. That’s why our designers have prepared a wide range of beautiful letter templates to suit every taste. Simplify the process of correspondence to save time, money, and nerves.

What Can Letter Templates Be Used For?

Ready-made templates will be useful for businessmen, managers, HR specialists, marketers, journalists, and anyone else who needs to write a letter. The DocsandSlides collection has thematic layouts to suit every taste and help you achieve various business and personal goals. Thus, Google Docs letter template can be used for:

  1. Developing a unified corporate style of business correspondence. This is necessary to maintain the image of a serious company in correspondence with clients and partners. Use Letterhead Templates to create letterheads that will be used by all company employees.
  2. Making invitations to events. We are talking about both official business events such as seminars or conferences and holiday parties.
  3. Maintaining internal company correspondence. Editable Google Docs template letters are suitable for sending important messages to all employees of the organization.
  4. Creating marketing offers. Professional templates will be useful for creating emails with promotions, sweepstakes, and purchase confirmations. Google Docs Newsletter templates will come in handy to share company news.
  5. Writing letters of recommendation. A stylish layout will help you to present a good assessment of the skills of a former employee, colleague, or student. You can also add the received recommendation to Cover Letter templates.

For personal purposes, customizable layouts are suitable for holiday greetings to colleagues, clients, and loved ones. We have also developed an example letter for original declarations of love, congratulations, thank you notes, etc.

Why You Should Choose Letter Templates By DocsandSlides

Our team consists of experienced designers with a keen sense of style. We create all layouts from scratch to make them high-quality, unique, and intuitive, even for people who have little experience with online documents. By choosing our Google Docs Templates, you get the following benefits:

  • Free use without any restrictions;
  • A well-thought-out structure where you just need to add your information;
  • Easy editing with the ability to change various elements;
  • Ability to print an empty or filled template;
  • Professional design at no cost.

To get started with a letter template for Google Docs, you don’t even need to download the file to your device, which guarantees protection against viruses and malware. Open the layout that suits you, copy it to Google Drive, and start making the desired changes. Once you have a satisfactory letter format, save it and share it with your company’s employees if necessary.

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