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Have you finished high school or college and have zero experience yet? The CV developed with the use of the free Google Docs curriculum vitae template is a prerequisite to cultivate the new ambitions for career advancement. These files can help specialists:

  • Earn more money
  • Change the direction of the professional development
  • Achieve the appreciation of the managers
  • Download the Google Docs in the form of the curriculum vitae as a template for free, and it will always be at your hand!

    Download the Google Docs in the form of the curriculum vitae as a template for free, and it will always be at your hand!

    The Curriculum Vitae based on the privileges of the template is a vivid sign of the high level of the competence of the Google Docs files. This layout is a perfect option for those who want to demonstrate their professionalism and individuality. The files focus on the positive characteristics of the specialists that recruiters pay attention to in the first place. These files can show:

    • Positive qualities of the specialists
    • Hide the absence of the experience
    • Emphasize the desire to develop

    Full-size photography is another advantage of this file. If you're applying for a position that involves communicating with clients, having a photo will give you an edge over other candidates. You can personalize your CV template Google Docs by placing your photo under the «surname» block.

    The clients can change text, add sections, change the size of the font, margins.

    The resume template is suitable for both Google Docs and traditional Microsoft Word. Only in the last few years, the topic of career has gained wide popularity among Russian scientists and practitioners, which is caused by the reform of all the main areas of our society, the formation of a market economy, which entailed a change in attitude towards many processes and phenomena that have so far remained out of sight due to their negative perception or low level of relevance.

    What was previously considered a deviation from the norm, a product of bourgeois society, capitalism, was identified with careerism, which is only an insignificant, and besides, deviant manifestation of a career, today it is elevated to the rank of an important indicator of human development in the system of social structure, an essential factor and condition for improving social -psychological

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