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A well-written and well-formed cover letter is more than 50% of success when applying for a job. Many job seekers decide to create a letter in a text editor. Kindly keep in mind that there will be dozens or even hundreds of suchlike job seekers. Use the free professional cover letter template to stand out from other candidates. An HR will notice such a cover letter, which will significantly enhance your chances of getting a job.

Advantages of professional employment cover letter template

Writing a good cover letter is not enough. For the letter to be surely read you need to style it properly. Professional cover letter template was developed by our designers taking into account all HR design requirements:
  • a special space for contact information;
  • the name and surname of the applicant stands out among the rest of the text;
  • professional employment cover letter template is designed for optimal volume - 250-400 words;
  • comfortable font.

This is one of the best professional cover letter templates as it will suit a job seeker in any field.

Our templates are easy to use, all you need to do is add your text to your Google Docs template. Then you may download professional cover letter template in a convenient format to print or email.

In our templates gallery you will find other drafts for cover letters and CVs suitable for them. We also have examples of creative and eye catching letters.
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