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The use of the customizable template placed on the Google Slides for the creation of the family feud is a great chance for the relatives to share their positive emotions and experience with each other as the primary way to unite. They can also take part in the process of the development of the cards for the game.

Sometimes, family meetings seem to us something impossible, from the realm of fantasy. The lack of free time, the inconsistency of schedules between all family members, the blockage in studies, household chores or work are the main reasons for the emergence of this situation. Time must be found no matter what.

After all, without timely communication and interaction, family relationships can deteriorate significantly. Therefore, the presence of the time to play customizable family feud games will have a positive impact on the relationships occurring between the relatives

  • Verbal
  • Strategic
  • Detective
  • Economic

Feud games for the families can include all of these nuances by providing the participants with an opportunity to achieve common ground during the process of playing. Board games have an equally beneficial effect on the thought processes of mature participants.

They help maintain a high level of memory capacity, concentration, functioning of the speech apparatus, and figurative-spatial thinking. The main advantage of board games includes a reduction in the likelihood of cognitive impairment, such as the development of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. The use of the already prepared files can make the game accessible for all people expressing an aspiration to take part in this procedure to obtain positive emotions and feelings needed to receive the great experience by turning this process into a great tradition.

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