15+ The best Free Newspaper Templates for Google Docs

Published: 28.09.22    Modified: 18.09.23
15+ The best Free Newspaper Templates for Google Docs

The newspaper format of templates intended for google docs will never lose their relevance due to their ability to support even start-up publishers and article writers. At the time, such rubrics as news caused the greatest interest among readers, expressing a desire to stay up to date with what is happening in the world during a particular period. The list of the free newspapers created via the templates presented below will help the users with the different expectations and needs.

Old Newspaper Template

The specific design of the files can turn into a basis for the necessary approach to reveal the information by the readers. This type of the templates can become a perfect background to describe the historical events.



Newspaper Article Template

The usual visualization of the newspaper templates developed for Google Drive format can perform a task of an effective tool needed to reveal the information from the different areas of knowledge. Such types of goals will be completed in a few clicks with the use of the documents.



Breaking News Newspaper Template

The templates for the creation of the breaking news show the particular relevance by providing the authors of the articles with an opportunity to save time needed to develop the structure of the publications.


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Modern Art Newspaper Cover Template

The newspaper developed with the support of the template for google docs can emphasize the necessary aspects in the articles dedicated to such themes as fashion, art, and any activities requiring creative approach.


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Simple Newspaper Template

Simple design of the templates allows the users to save time needed to select the files. This type of the documents will turn into a great foundation for the development of the publications to support any themes of discussion.


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Google Docs Newspaper Template

The free newspaper in the form of the templates should be as universal as possible to meet the needs of the users. This template has all needed features to complete this task.


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Newspaper Front Page Template

The templates with the simple and modern design can become a basis for the articles created for any magazine. This type of the publications can cause additional attention from the representatives of the target audience.



Global Sport Life Newspaper Cover Template

The google drive newspaper created through the involvement of the templates allow the authors to write the articles for the fans of the different sport events and athletes. They require particular design and structures.



School Newspaper Template

Most of the students participate in the development of different research articles. They do not have enough knowledge and skills. The templates will solve this issue.



Magazine Newspaper Template

The google doc for newspapers based on the template can become the most effective way to write the articles of high quality for various magazines. The files can turn into a great opportunity to save money for the work of the graphic designers.



New York Times Template

The New York Times is a legendary newspaper that has become a role model for a huge number of other periodicals. The template provides the users with an opportunity to follow its style.



Extra News Paper Microsoft Word Docs Newspaper Template

It is hard to imagine people’s lives with the necessity to find out the latest news. This data is mandatory to live in the society. The template allows the authors of the articles to share news as fast as possible.



Newspaper AD Template

The free format of the newspaper developed via templates can have specific structures for the creation of the articles. This one has special places to include advertisements.



Free Editable Online Student Newspaper Template

One of the most significant advantages of the templates implies their opportunity to adapt to the requirements of the users, The process of the editing will not take a lot of time.


Winter Holidays Newspaper Template

Different types of the events can turn into a reason for the creation of the articles. In this case, the winter holidays take special place in the magazines during the pre-New Year period.

Winter Holidays Newspaper Template

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