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The modern scientific poster based on the template can become the best way to show the results of the investigation. The scientific poster developed with the usage of the template as a part of the Google Docs can bring success to the clients by giving them an endless list of the additional opportunities. At the beginning of work on the module, students are given the goal of what knowledge and skills they should master.

They are informed of the source of knowledge, textbooks and teaching aids are indicated. As the content of the module is revealed in the course of lectures, students' knowledge is systematized, questions that arise during the study of the module become more and more meaningful. The study of the module ends with a test. The form of a test lesson can be the defense of a term paper, an essay, the performance of differentiated independent work, work with test tasks.

Thus, the modular training system gives the teacher freedom and flexibility in choosing the forms and methods of teaching, reduces the time spent on practical training, the ability to identify the creative abilities of students, and serves to systematize the knowledge gained by students and improve their quality. This type of the visual files can show:

  • Results of the scientific work
  • Motivation to start investigation
  • Points for the further analysis

We create free Google Docs template posters so you can easily solve your tasks! The main indicator is the objectivity of the assessment, so at the very beginning of studying the module, students should clearly know the control system and the criteria for assessing knowledge. The best results are obtained by a system of multi-level tasks performed during a practical or laboratory lesson, especially if the student is asked to choose the task corresponding to his level.

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