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The files to publish newspaper ads through the features of the Google Docs based on the template, the clients can convincingly convey any of your message, idea, advertisement. The front page created for the introduction into the newspaper ads placed on the Google Docs with the help of the template is a great basis for a business banner. It is where you can place your main ad so customers will notice it right away.

The newspaper created with the advantages of the Google Docs as a detail of the templates are for:

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Each product on the market lives for a certain time. Sooner or later, it is forced out of the market by another, more perfect one. In this regard, the time to enter the market, the volume of production of each type of product largely depends on the stage of the life cycle at which this product is located. Although there are different types of life cycles, most products are characterized by slow growth during their introduction to the market, then rapid growth, a period of stability, and at the end - a period of decline.

The main difficulty in using the life cycle as a target - apart from the sometimes occurring deviations from the traditional product life cycle curve - is that the enterprise sometimes does not know how much time will pass from the end of the growth to the beginning of the recession. Recession can occur in 1 - 2 months or after many years. Only in high-tech industries, where the prospects for the development of production and scientific research are widely known, the duration of the life cycle can be estimated with a certain degree of accuracy. Small businesses have a first-class opportunity to excel in marketing because they can do it right from the start.

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