Old Fashioned Newspaper Template

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А4 (21 х 24,7 cm)
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Color, Text, Objects in template
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Microsoft Word, PDF, EPUB, TXT, ODT

The old fashioned trend for the creation of the newspaper in the form of the template related to the Google Docs can complete specific goals that are impossible for other means of the printed and visual materials. Custom and fashion influence not only works of art.

They also condition judgments about beauty. What varied and opposing forms are taken for beauty in different kinds of living beings! The sizes we look for in one animal are the opposite of the sizes we like in another. Each kind of animal in nature has its own device and special beauty, completely unlike the device and beauty of other species.

The newspaper created with the use of the style of old times placed on the Google Docs in the form of the template is a productive action algorithm to achieve the desired visualization of the files needed for the specific purposes including:

  • Presentation of historical data
  • Reflection of certain types of information
  • Promotion of carefully developed campaign

The file is designed in the spirit of traditional prints. Use concise text blocks for breaking news stories to grab your readers' attention right away. Images are also editable. You can add any photos or illustrations from your Google Drive or upload them from your computer. The objective nature of fashion, the impossibility of the existence of a person - a member of society - outside of this cultural phenomenon clearly demonstrates such a phenomenon as anti-fashion. Anti-fashion reflects the desire of a certain circle of people to dress and behave according to their own ideas, different from the normative rules prescribed by a "decent" society. This protest against the rules and ideals established in society has deep historical roots.

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