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Last updated:  13.05.2024

Easily create a convenient plan or itinerary? No problem! With our free itinerary templates, you can create a stylish plan for any event, whether it’s a wedding, party, or business trip.

Our designers have already developed a Google Docs itinerary template for you, so all you need to do is add your own information. It will only take you 10–15 minutes. You don’t need any special skills to add the information, just basic proficiency in working with text editors. Use the editable template in a convenient format: download it to your smartphone or print the ready document.

40 Templates

Planning a busy weekend with a large group? Create an itinerary of planned adventures and distribute it to your friends. Also, the template is suitable for the tourism business.

google doc

A wedding is always an expense. Thanks to our Wedding Itinerary Template for Google Docs, you won’t have to spend extra money on a designer to create an event plan for guests.

google doc

Planning a trip to the mountains? You definitely need this Vacation Itinerary Template. With its help, you can develop a clear plan and won’t forget to check out an interesting landmark.

google doc

When preparing for a trip, it’s very easy to forget some small thing without which the vacation will be spoiled. The Trip Itinerary Template on Google Docs will help you keep track of everything and not forget anything.

google doc

Finally, decided to go on a car mini-trip for the weekend? Be sure to plan your route in advance. Indicate the main points where you plan to stop in the template and add notes.

google doc

When you’re traveling with a large group, there’s always a risk of losing someone. To ensure that each participant knows the route and the main locations you plan to visit, use our template!

google doc
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What are the best Itinerary Templates in 2024?

What is the most effective approach to use a template?

What should I know to avoid bad results?

Do I need to attract specific specialists to use the files?

How can I change the data shown in the file?

How to make an itinerary template?

Itinerary Templates

Family vacations, corporate trips, parties, and children’s celebrations – everything can be quickly organized with the help of a ready-made Google Docs Itinerary Template. It allows for a detailed outline of planned entertainment and future locations. Use the editable template as a substitute for a travel map, program, and daily schedule.

Who Needs an Itinerary Template?

The Trip Itinerary Template can be used by tour operators, event agencies, various organizations, and private individuals. They simplify trip planning and inform participants about the event. From the Docs&Slides gallery, choose a suitable template and describe:

  • every stop along the way;
  • the timing for the day and the entire trip;
  • actions or objectives upon arriving at a location;
  • dress code or a list of recommended items to bring;
  • behavior rules in public areas you plan to visit and other useful advice.

The content of the template depends on its purpose and objective. It can be used in any situation where there’s a need to organize and break down one large event into several segments.

Which Vacation Itinerary Template to Choose?

A printable template will be useful for organizing trips, personal holidays, and corporate meetings. Invited guests will know how to reach the meeting place either independently or together with other participants. They will be informed about what to expect during a walk, a long trip, or an event.

In the gallery, you can download templates for:

  • hiking trips;
  • cruises;
  • family vacations;
  • official ceremonies;
  • birthdays;
  • children’s parties;
  • informal gatherings;
  • corporate events;
  • training;
  • outdoor team-building activities, and many more.

A free itinerary template can be used for trip planning and quick participant notification. You won’t need to remember the sequence of actions and explain them. Simply modify the design of the Google Docs templates and distribute them to the invited guests. Each person will receive a detailed plan and will know what to bring and what to avoid. Participants will be able to prepare in advance for a trip, business meeting, or entertainment event.

What to Include in an Itinerary Template in Google Docs?

Edit the free template according to your event. Describe each item briefly so that no questions remain for the reader. Consider what might interest them during the preparation for the event, during its execution, and after its completion. This way, you can inform about behavior rules and appearance requirements at the places you plan to visit.

Before printing the template, specify:

  • the title;
  • start and end date/time;
  • conditions of the trip or event (transfer, mode of transport, locations, etc.);
  • objectives of the stops, planned entertainments, or actions.

In the template, answer the question about the dedication of time. It’ll be much easier to design your first itinerary, having a general idea of the trip or event. For instance, on a tourist trip, allocate free time between sightseeing, photoshoots, tasting local dishes and drinks, walks, overnight stays, etc. In itinerary templates for bachelorette parties, parties, and children’s celebrations, list the entertainments awaiting you. For business meetings, allocate time for project discussions, professional development, coffee breaks, and so on.

How to Use Itinerary Templates in Your Personal Life and Work?

Our gallery features Google itinerary templates from professional designers that can be downloaded for free. You can make them exclusive and distinct with your edits. Download the document, edit the text, and change colors or images. Share the itinerary with event participants—send the edited template in electronic format.

How to attribute?

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