Basic Invoice Template – Free Google Docs Template

Basic Invoice Template

Boring black and white commercial invoices are a thing of the past! Here is a downloadable basic invoice template created by professional designers specifically for your convenience, and business process automation.

Are you wondering how to get an invoice template in Google Docs? It's simple: download the template, open it in Google Docs and start editing step-by-step. You can change any graphic and text elements that are in the template. Provide a unique identification number, add company information (name, address, and contact details), write the billing date.

Thanks to a well-structured table, you can add a description of the goods or services for which you are charging, their quantity, and total amount. It's so convenient! You can also change the configuration of the table, add any information related to invoicing the customer and the partner.

Do you need a business invoice or a personal invoice? You can adapt this Google Docs template for any task. Working in Google docs, all changes in the template are automatically saved, if necessary, you can update to restore any version of the document. This template is compatible with Microsoft Word.

Have you finished customizing the basic invoice template? Fine! Now you can send the invoice by email, export it to PDF format, and print it.
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