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Take care of the development of your business, and we'll help you with the paperwork! Use the daily sales report created with the following of the benefits of the Google Docs in the form of the template to If you search for «Google Docs report templates free download», you are in the right place. We present to your attention a professionally designed layout that you can adapt to any task. In particular, using the template, you create a consulting, marketing, or business report.

Do you want to complete a report together with your colleagues? Easily! Working in Google Docs, you can open access to editing the document for any user. Also, the Google Docs report templates are fully ready for printing. You can export your layout to any format, including pdf. You can also send the report by email in Google Docs format or Microsoft Word document. This type of the reports can include such nuances as:

  • Detailed description
  • Complex graphs
  • Comments to increase the level of theme's understanding

To carry out the sale of goods as one of the commercial functions, wholesalers must determine the guidelines for the sale of goods in close connection with the forecast of retail turnover. The basis for the development of such guidelines should be marketing research of needs, demand, market capacity, analysis of the market situation, determination of the share of a given wholesale enterprise in the market.

As an information base, it is necessary to use a marketing information system, and for calculations, apply modern methods of analysis, use modern computer technology, which will ensure the multivariate of indicators, taking into account the consequences caused by the planned marketing activities.

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