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А4 (21 х 24,7 cm)
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Color, Text, Objects in template
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Microsoft Word, PDF, EPUB, TXT, ODT

Turn boring learning into an exciting journey for the representatives of the university groups! The school newspaper obtained with the introduction of the Google Docs related to the template allows individuals to increase the level of the students' interest in the theme of the educational procedure from the beginning of the general process.

The school newspaper as a part of the visual materials based on the newspaper templates devoted to the Google Docs are well composed, but the clients can insert pages. Text boxes are aligned in width and height, so you can be sure your files will look professional.

Have you long wanted to publish a full-fledged weekly school visual materials? Use this file to highlight the latest school events, student achievements, and publish interesting articles and reviews. Also, this file is an excellent solution for preparing various themes of procedure aimed at the need to obtain new knowledge, for distance and full-time training.

The individuals rearrange graphics, resize the title and subheadingAlso, this document can be edited in Microsoft Word, converted to pdf and other text formats. This template is ready for printing. The files can:

  • Attract the students to the educational procedure
  • Turn into a crucial point for the achievement of the planned outcomes
  • Become a motivation to innovate the already existed action algorithms

At the present stage of development of our society, the social need for creative individuals who think outside the box has increased more than ever. The need for the creative activity of a specialist and developed technical thinking, for the ability to design, evaluate, rationalize equipment and technology is growing rapidly. The solution of these problems largely depends on the content and technology of training future specialists.

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