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The free advantages of the student newspaper based on the Google Docs with the usage of the template can turn into a reason for the development of various materials to increase the students' literacy.

The template is divided into separate text blocks that complement each other organically. Thanks to this, on one page, you can place both little news reports and reviews of current events, interviews with teachers, etc. Use the front page intended for the newspaper with the productive involvement of the Google Docs template to grab readers' attention: replace the main image with a photograph of a university or a group of students, add a catchy headline, and you're guaranteed success.

The Google Docs in the form of the newspaper templates for participants in the learning procedure is easy to edit. Use it as a constructor:

  • Select the content
  • Replace any details
  • Add photos
  • Indicate the date and issue number

Higher school as a social institution is designed to give students a solid knowledge of the fundamentals of science, to develop skills and abilities to apply them in practice and in later life. The solution of this social task is directly related to the improvement of the forms, methods and means of education.

Educational technologies are a relatively new direction in pedagogical science. The initial idea of pedagogical technology involved learning with the help of technical means, at present it is considered as a systematic and consistent implementation in practice of a pre-designed educational process. Thus, pedagogical technology is a project of a certain pedagogical system, implemented in practice.

Learning technology refers to a certain way of learning, in which the main load on the implementation of the function is performed by a learning tool under the control of a person. In teaching technology, the leading role is given to teaching aids.

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